Gerrard’s Ryan Jack update confirms caution over UEL slot

Gerrard’s Ryan Jack update confirms caution over UEL slot
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Having been included in the UEL squad, a lot of fans have been overjoyed by the ‘return’ of Ryan Jack.

Sadly, this is more for logistics and practicality than a real chance that the Scotland man has of playing serious football for the Famous any time soon, due to the reasons he’s in there.

First off, there is a chance he could actually be available in a month or two. His prognosis is extremely unknown, with manager Steven Gerrard today confirming a ‘positive week’ but no more for the ex-Aberdeen man.

Therefore, by including him, there’s a hope he might be available at some point during the group stage, which runs till December.

But more pertinently, the real reason he’s there is all players academy or Scottish-trained fulfil UEFA requirements and automatically get a slot, so as Stevie says, Jack isn’t there at the expense of anyone else and it’s zero harm or risk to include him.

It’s just a damn shame that we have absolutely no ETA on his return – hence our comment about fans being a little premature in excitement over Jack’s inclusion in that UEL squad.

We love him as much as anyone else – we’ve been banging on about his impact within this squad for months, and regulars will know we preached that his return gave us a huge chance for the CL.

No return would hurt us greatly.

End of the day, we wish Jack well but his fate is in the hands of the football Gods.

We just have to hope they’re kind to him.

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