“Despicable” – Sun shocker as Rangers invoked in criminal case

“Despicable” – Sun shocker as Rangers invoked in criminal case
Falkirk v Rangers - Scottish Premier League - Fir Park Rangers Ciaran Dickson during the Scottish Premier League match at Fir Park, Falkirk. EDITORIAL USE ONLY PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xAndrewxMilliganx 56864604

The Sun ‘newspaper’ was this morning under fire for diabolically using Rangers’ name in a potentially criminal case against a current Celtic player.

Ciaran Dickson, 19, was notorious for joining Parkhead having been with Rangers up till June this year when the club elected against giving him a new deal, but it’s the headline the Sun have invoked today (seemingly removed from later editions) that has attracted fury from all those connected with Rangers.

As you can see, rather than referring to him as a current Celtic player, the rag deliberately chooses to exploit his former Rangers past and calls him ‘ex-Ger’ which is designed to attract negativity to Rangers and airbrushes Celtic from the equation.

We would not ever buy or click the Sun, so someone else with quarantine gear on can do it for us, but this headline is truly horrendous, deeply unfair, and invokes Rangers’ good name into a criminal investigation when it literally has nothing to do with us.

We know this rag are gutter, but they really know no bounds when it comes to morals.


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  1. To be fair the headline thats covered says Celtic starlet ,, Ciaran will hopefully get whats coming to him and throw his career as a footballer away
    feel sorry for family of 18 yo he killed no matter who he plays or played for

  2. It’s getting to the stage that all these rag tail bob tail so called journalists think they can just slag off and misquote the Famous to sell that slash they call newspapers. It’s like the whole Corbett scandal and the rotten mob…You won’t see much coverage of that claims etc either. It’s not just that though it’s the whole of the SNP green leaning side of our population …it sucks .

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