Charges cited for Griffiths after moment of madness

Charges cited for Griffiths after moment of madness
19th September 2021 Tannadice Park, Dundee, Scotland: Scottish Premier League football, Dundee United versus Dundee Leigh Griffiths of Dundee makes the short walk from Dens Park to Tannadice PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK ActionPlus12323961 DavidxYoung

In a rare moment of justice in Scottish football, Dundee and Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths has been charged by Police Scotland with culpable and reckless conduct after the diabolical incident at Dens in which he kicked a flare clean into the crowd, and was claimed to have injured a spectator.

Griffiths ‘apologised’ but his stupid mindless excuses did not wash one jot and his behaviour was simply dangerous.

Some argued that the moron who threw the flare on should be equally punished, and we don’t disagree with that, and we must also declare Griffiths was being roundly abused by the Saints fans who made up the numbers.

But that’s no excuse for booting a burning object at them and it’s absolutely correct he faces criminal charges now.

See, if the man had simply stated he was bang out of order, has no excuses, is endlessly sorry and it was a moment of red mist madness which he deeply regrets, we’d still be 100% condemning of it but at least he didn’t make pathetic reasons for it. Sadly, he did, and just demonstrated his character in the process.

Hopefully the right ‘verdict’ will come of all this.

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  1. The SFA will probably give him a slap on the wrist as usual, he should never be near a football team again as long as the Bothwell beast lives, even his grandad was a convicted kiddie fiddler, and if the rodent plays tomorrow, his life will not be worth living which is rightly deserved, Griffiths is a bheast, plain and simple

  2. he best get used to them chants no one in society likes th kind of man who ask children for pictures on th internet and it’s somthng every fan no matter what colours they wear will let him know… check your kids devices u never know who they are speaking to online

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