‘Cancel’ culture gets ugly as resignations flow

‘Cancel’ culture gets ugly as resignations flow
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This is loosely Rangers-related, in that it connects to the apologies and resignations at Heart and Hand, while also alluding to those demanded by the DR.

We must admit at Ibrox Noise, we’re more than a little weary of the ‘cancelled’ culture and ‘apology’ culture that has started to take over modern thinking.

Some group, Joe Punter, whoever, does something others don’t like. They demand he/she apologise, take accountability, be fired.

But it doesn’t stop there. The outrage continues. As if someone showing contrition and providing the apology quite simply doesn’t wash any more.

The BBC ran a story today about how a racist troll who’d abused Saka post-penalty miss admitted he should have been banned from social media for life. He profusely apologised and admitted it had been a huge error to behave in that way. And yet this response from the guy simply ‘wasn’t good enough’.

The words were regarded as hollow.

Which is troubling.

If those words are hollow, why wasn’t the original abuse hollow? Why is the only stuff that is taken seriously and used, the stuff people don’t like?

When an apology arises, and the realisation of a mistake is delivered, it’s ‘worthless’. So, what’s the point of admitting an error and an apology when it falls on deaf ears?

It almost seems to us that short of a prison sentence or death, nothing a guilty party can do for their victim post-crime is good enough – because we just want to stay angry with them.

We will ignore the gestures of peace, apology, contrition and everything else because we want to remain angry and mad at the original crime, and nothing short of the perpetrator being jailed or killed is enough to satisfy the bloodlust.

The desire to see people punished is almost as bad as the original crime.

Which is not condone what they did – but everyone makes mistakes, especially online with comments.

Should they be hung drawn and quartered – ‘cancelled’ for the rest of their life for that?

As we say so often, let those who have lived without mistakes or sin judge others.

But will you?

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  1. I think the difference with the heart and hand issue is that this move is the straw that broke the camel’s back with our support. When apologies and resignations are no longer enough for those in the MSM they need to be held to the same standard that they expect of everyone else. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the moment the swamp gets drained of gutter journalists that need a clickbait headline containing faux outrage in order to be relevant. The silence from the Scottish Press on this issue is simply astounding seeing as they were all happy to help throw a few volunteers under the proverbial bus while their employees/colleagues indulged in the very same thing…just in the opposite direction which isn’t as offensive for some obviously.

  2. The problem with these laptop jockeys who spout their rubbish under the cover of anonymity is that once exposed their apology does sound hollow and is probably given in the selfish hope that they won’t be prosecuted rather than any genuine sorrow for their victim. Would it have been acceptable if Kudela had flown from Glasgow with an apology to Glen Kamara? No it wouldn’t have. What he said was intentional and from the heart. It’s who Kudela was and is. An apology would’ve been insulting to our intelligence. We can’t as Rangers fans take rightful indignation at the comments directed at Glen Kamara then turn in the other direction at other forms of racial or bigoted abuse.

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