Bold Rangers fan theory may reveal truth behind Katic exit

Bold Rangers fan theory may reveal truth behind Katic exit
15th December 2019 Fir Park, Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, Scotland Scottish Premiership Football, Motherwell versus Rangers Nikola Katic of Rangers celebrates with his bench after he opens the scoring in the 27th minute making it 1-0 to Rangers - Editorial Use PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxHUNxSWExNORxDENxFINxONLY ActionPlus12196589 VagelisxGeorgariou

A brand-new fan theory has emerged as to Niko Katic’s dramatic loss of favour at Ibrox and how the fan-favourite went from key component of Steven Gerrard’s Rangers to dumped to Hadjuk Split with excuses about minutes.

A comment on Ibrox Noise reminded us of an incident late December 2019 when, at Fir Park, Katic scored the opening goal, and ran straight to the dugout. But completely ignored Steven Gerrard.

That’s right, feel free to check it if you like, but Katic totally blanked his manager and went straight for Gary Mac and the backroom crew, despite Stevie clearly wanting to celebrate with him.

Indeed, the manager extended his arm to Katic who just pulled away from it and plunged straight into G-Mac, Milsom and co instead.

Is this incident the single reason Stevie just isn’t interested in Katic any more?

Now, there is a caveat – Katic was not immediately dropped after this, and indeed remained a big part of the team for a further two months, so it might not be entirely… ‘scientific’ perhaps.

But it could give a seed to a reason why, from his ACLI onwards, Katic simply didn’t get a look in despite the rather underwhelming Jack Simpson being the only alternative following George Edmundson’s departure.

We know this manager has his favourites – Stevie is not alone in this. We remember the Magic Hat always on pain of death played Halliday as DM despite that not being his natural position, and the jibes the manager got for persisting with the genuinely terrible Rob Kiernan and the divisiveness of Josh Windass’ regular selections. We also remember Ally always had Jig at CB despite him being poor there. So this is not isolated to Stevie G.

But this incident in December 2019 might just explain a little of the inexplicable disinterest Gerrard now has in Katic despite the alternatives.

Food for thought.

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      • Katic was quoted in the media as saying “I have a great relationship with Steven Gerrard. Ever since I arrived in Glasgow, he has always been honest with me.
        “He was my support during the injury. There were good and bad days and we had not only a professional, but also a friendly relationship. He talked to me every day”.
        If there is any subtle slagging off going on there then it’s went over my head.

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