Anti-Rangers press won’t stop Flag Day

Anti-Rangers press won’t stop Flag Day
Typical anti-Rangers press....

This morning’s story from the DR about BT was of course perfectly timed to coincide with Flag Day.

Rangers’ long-awaited presentation of the most deserved title in recent memory as the club will finally unfurl the flag of Champions, and our friends at the red top doing what they can do detract attention from it.

That’s fine, they can try. End of the day, they launched an anti-Rangers article about tweets, wholeheartedly forgetting their own journos’ own house was made of glass, which was seized upon and unto set in motion a full-on war.

And now the DR seek to use/damage Rangers where possible for their own ends, which certainly includes a disruptive story about BT on the day we reveal the flag.

This stuff isn’t to be taken seriously, it’s the latest part of an escalating siege on the club, and whether you subscribe to the theory that the media is volitionally anti-Rangers, there are certainly enough negative stories in the press north of the border to support the motion.

See, we never hear this stuff being reported in England – for such a big bad Rangers, a bad Rangers, evil Rangers, the press south of the border and indeed in every other home nation never has this tone to their Rangers reporting.

It’s either impartial or positive. It either fact reports, or praises for achievements, as it does for Celtic and other clubs, like all media should.

If there’s a legit negative story, fair enough, call it out – that’s just factual analysis and it’s fair.

But north of the border? Anti-Rangers stories are frequent and persistent and completely tabloid, usually fabricated as well.

And that’s just the way it is.

Let’s concentrate on unfurling that flag, on being Champions.

Doesn’t matter what the press do about it.

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  1. This unfortunately won’t stop the hatred and venom these people seem intent on writing , true or not about Rangers. As you say this is not replicated south of the border where Rangers are deemed British . No matter how much you try to keep the politics out of this , it is the real problem . All the changes and stress on Scottish people regarding Travel /Testing rip offs is that headline , no it’s Orange Walks FFS the BBC in Scotland are the same green leaning SNP infiltrated hatred in pursuit of anything to discredit Rangers. Onwards 56.

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