An Ibrox Noise statement about ‘sacking’ managers

An Ibrox Noise statement about ‘sacking’ managers
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We feel we must address the elephant in the room of the ‘sack managers’ article from yesterday.

This one stirred the hive somewhat, and we were genuinely surprised how many people demonstrated an inability to read and understand the point of the piece, and turned quickly to abuse.

We sadly had to ban quite a few ‘fans’ for their poor reactions to this piece, but for the sake of being reasonable, we are going to clarify it a little so we leave no one in any doubt at all.

We are NOT talking about either the firing of Steven Gerrard, OR advocating he is fired. Neither of these applies, and we want that clear.

What the article was arguing was that Rangers have returned to the lofty position of the top of the table, the top of Scottish football, and winning the league.

And when that was the case over a decade ago, our standards were such that if we were second, the manager of the time, whoever that may be, would stand a very high chance of being fired.

We are back in the era that we EXPECT the title now, and that second place is no longer good enough – in light of 55, in light of £35M spent the past 3 years, that is a perfectly reasonable expectation for a true Rangers fan to have.

Those wimping out with claims that second place is fine, are, in our opinion, not fit to be anywhere near this club, and we did receive a few responses to that nature.

We also received a tonne of heckling that we were literally advocating the firing of Steven Gerrard.

Sorry, we’re going to be blunt here. Top of the table, maybe not playing too great, but top of the SPL – how stupid do you have to be to think a Rangers site wants Steven Gerrard fired in those circumstances?

We have never advocated that, never endorsed that.

But no, some punters took the notion that because we were endorsing our return to an era of expectation of league titles, and our subsequent observation that the old days saw managers fired for not securing that, that we were actively seeking Gerrard’s exit.

Nope, nup, wrong, nada.

If you don’t agree that second place isn’t good enough for a proper Rangers, which we are again, or you would keep our manager, any Rangers manager, who finishes second at any point of our history whether it’s Stevie, Walter, PLG or anyone else in the job, then we’d wonder just what kind of Rangers fan you are.

We support the club – not individuals. We don’t support the manager any more than we do the club as a whole.

And we want the best for it – which is league titles.

Walter Smith only ever came second once as Rangers manager, and he was fired for it. If it happens to the joint best manager in our history, it shows just what the expectation at this club is.

And that’s all we have to say on the matter.

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  1. We need to get real as Rangers People. We need to win the league, nothing else is acceptable , it’s not just SG and his coaches , it’s the board too . So for those upset with at kind of conversation, of course no one is advocating sacking SG but he and the board are responsible for delivering the league and the subsequent CL please let’s keep it totally real and totally focussed.

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