SNP abuse power to hurl slurs at Ibrox – AGAIN

SNP abuse power to hurl slurs at Ibrox – AGAIN
Another Rangers hater happy to abuse power....

The SNP are under fire once again for a flagrant abuse of power after Health Secretary Humza Yousaf and MSP James Dornan used their positions to attack Rangers following the ugly conduct of some fans after the Old Firm.

After months of silence from the pair particularly with all the comedy and negatives coming from Parkhead and their fans, not to mention their absolute blackout with regards to Parkhead protests last season, the Dubai Covid violations and even the Aberdeen 8 shambles last year, they have taken the first chance they’ve had to attack Rangers and go on record once again to slur our club.

Now, we don’t condone the bampots who acted like absolute stains on our family, and we see this element every day on our social media platforms to say the least, but what we cannot stand is the hierarchy with their moral highground despite their own favourites of a green persuasion committing their very own indiscretions.

Let’s be clear – we have no defence for these idiots who can go and support someone else rather than bringing us trouble we don’t need, but equally we’re fed up with just Rangers’ sour element being highlighted by the government with such provocative language and once again our club being portrayed as the ‘bad guys’.

Even more hypocritical is when pretend fans in the media, like Britney, take the first chance they get as well to attack the club in this way, to absolutely no accountability.

We repeat – what these people are saying is not explicitly wrong, but we’re not exactly seeing an even playing field, are we? Nothing on any other club, just ours, and while it may sound like we’re playing the victim, if you can quote the last Celtic condemnation by the Scottish government we’d love to see it.

Anyway, who we signing today…

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  1. Add Michael Stewart to that list hes always having a pop at Rangers fans. He is just bitter he didn’t make it as a player at Ibrox. You are also correct that these bampots are doing the club no favours and they should grow up and stop going to games if they cannot desist with their moronic behaviour

    THESE ” Rangers fans” who vote SNP need to THINK CAREFULLY as this SNP Administration are seriously intent on killing off RANGERS FC.

    • David , I agree 100% The SNP neds kranky and greens are intent on killing Scotland too.

      Why would anyone vote for these outrageous neds?

  3. This shower Yuseff Dornan that other green tainted arsehole Marshall from Nil by Mouth ( Please ) need to FRO they are hypocrites the rotten mob continually talk bile and IRA hatred at Britain, British soldiers etc. . They are bigots. Obviously we don’t condone those silly boys that did the deed on Sunday in Glasgow but in greater scheme of things …..come on

  4. What I don’t understand is, why ‘Rangers supporters vote for SNP’? We are a proud British Football Team, we fly the Union Jack to show we are British, we all know that Celtic supporters and most RC’s vote for SNP, the only reason being is that they don’t want to be classed as British. That’s fine, but why complain when they hear Rangers fans singing ‘ The Famine is over’? They reason the don’t go back to Southern Ireland is they would not get the same amount of dole money, family allowance, PPI. That they get here. They would have to pay for doctors, hospitals, operations. We all know SNP are against anything British but they too accepted money to help with the coronavirus, furlough and goodness knows what else they get money for and SNP waste it on an never to be independence vote! We voted to remain within the United Kingdom, they (them that sit up in Hollywood) are supposed to be educated, so what do the not understand about losing the Indy Ref vote the did not win? They have ruined our education system, our Police Force, our Hospitals, wasted millions of £’s on building hospitals that did not open! They now have Greens in Parliament, and they are even worse than SNP, little do they know, the SNP will shift the blame of our country being run down to the ground to the Greens! They are only being used as scapegoats! They only way to remove them is for every Protestant, Every Orange Order Member, All football supporters that want to remain within the United Kingdom – regardless of what Party their parents voted for. Dividing our votes between different parties will only allow SNP to remain in power! They are not fit to run a bath let alone a country these past two years have shown us how bad they really are! Support Great Britain – Vote wisely, remove Sturgeon and her party!

    • Jean unfortunately you are part of the problem ( most RCs vote SNP…! Wtf ) that will be 65% of our team

  5. Yousaf when there was no football getting played did he not get police Scotland to go into Celtic park and get a documents from the 60s up till today torbett up again when r the snp attack Celtic snp hdte anything rangers

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