Shock exit for Rangers icon according to new report

Shock exit for Rangers icon according to new report
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A shock report from a national tabloid has claimed Croat star Niko Katic is finished at Rangers and is to find a new club.

While initial reaction is to reject the credibility of the source (you know who you are) nevertheless the story is genuinely feasible such is Katic’s low positioning in the pecking order (he’s currently fifth) and we did discuss on Ibrox Noise that we couldn’t really see any other outcome.

Naturally that was derided because he’s Niko Katic, and everyone loves him. Unfortunately the one man who doesn’t love him is the one man whose opinion is most important, and that’s Steven Gerrard.

Katic has never fitted into Gerrard ‘composed’ football, with ‘act first think later’ the Croat’s motto, and he has made some naïve errors in that frame of mind.

But when on form and in the zone he’s a colossal stopper, and few could doubt his commitment to the shirt.

But unfortunately Stevie doesn’t seem to see it this way.

He has stated publicly that the former Slaven Belupo man should not expect too much, and that he would be ‘eased’ back into action, but this didn’t hold much water given other long term injuries like Ryan Jack were getting rushed back ASAP.

We got slaughtered for that one too, with readers citing the difference between those injuries, but Katic is fit, and has been for months. In terms of Jack, he’s as far back with match fitness as the Croat so the argument doesn’t stack up at all.

End of the day we did present the notion that Katic was the one who’d go, and while we can’t trust the red tops, nothing this season has supported the idea that’s wrong.

Watch this space.

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  1. Ridiculous decision if true. Katic should be in the team or at worst 3rd choice far better than Balogan and Simpson and he has years ahead of him and he could become a Rangers great. So what if he is not the greatest at playing out with the ball his job is to defend at he is superb at that. Hope this story is false but if it is true this then this could be a monumental mistake.

  2. I love big Nico he’s a lad who wears his heart on his sleeve. On his game he’s unstoppable at set pieces and although he can make poor decisions ( not as many as Goldson tho ) he is brave and fearsome . It’s going to be a big loss and maybe a mistake . But I stick with what SG and his coaches do and say. Let’s see. He’s not going to raise that much money tho . Hellander still our best central defender .

  3. Instinctively feel this if true is not the right move for the club. A loan deal to get some games under his belt would be much better. However, I trust the management team to make the right call and if they move him on then they will have good reason. My only worry is it would probably mean moving yet another player on at well below market value.

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