Rangers slackers need a thrashing as Malmo loom

Rangers slackers need a thrashing as Malmo loom
How will Stevie get these players to bust a gut?

Before starting this piece, we know a lot of you out there love this team, and got really angry about us criticising the heck out of players for just one bad result.

And we bet some players in the team are really not that worried about losing just one game.

But…I have news for those who have only lived through the last 10 years, and have only seen the 9 in a row through watching the games on YouTube.

This is Rangers.

In the old days every single game was a must win. No one was allowed to take it easy.

The breaking point for us, last week, was Malmo looking like they wanted the win more.

We looked like we didn’t care, until we were two goals down.

And then on Saturday we again looked like we didn’t care, until suddenly we found ourselves down a goal.

Do you see the pattern?

Our players only seem to wake up when they have been stung….and that is not going to get us far against Malmo, or the Europa League, or even the Conference League, and that sadly is where I see us heading.

The problem is there are a number of stubborn players in this team who see this as just another job.

They put in the hours, but will not bust a gut trying to get a result, until suddenly it looks like the result might make them look bad.

Two years ago, Gerrard talked about being ruthless, every single minute of the match.

Being honest, when was the last game we seen (except for the game against Real Madrid) that we all collectively enjoyed?

A ruthless game where we were in awe at the silky moves, the wonder at the speed of thought, and applauded the intensity shown by the team when they constantly supported each other, every single second of the game…

The sad fact is Malmo are coming this week to Glasgow full of confidence, and they are now openly saying they will beat us at Ibrox.

And I have to say I agree.

Just now there is this very stubborn lazy streak running through Rangers. When Ryan Kent goes on one of his wonder runs, there is no one from midfield running to support him.

And when Tavernier is doing his best to score a goal, because the midfield can just never seem to get a shot on goal, the midfield is again AWOL for the counter attacks.

Being blunt, the technical skill of this team is way better than the team of 2011.

In fact, they are miles better than the team 10 years ago, but here is the problem. The Rangers team of 2011 would still beat this team every single week.

The reason is desire….In all the Rangers teams of old there was a hunger to win every single match, and that is what we, the old-timers, miss from this current crop.

So, I honestly can say, we should beat this Malmo team. There is really nothing special about them.

However, I predict we are going to lose, and we will drop to the Europa League, because there is just no hunger in some of the key players in this team, and I just don’t see some of these slackers changing their tune, just because they lost one match out of forty.

Yeah, the players know best….

And we are just fans making Noise…

But the sad fact is we saw this coming weeks ago.

And they, the players, didn’t do a thing to change.

And I am worried that by the time they realise that they should have perhaps worked just a wee bit harder, it will already be too late.

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  1. I do not agree with you trying to cover up for TAVERNIER,he was to blame for the 2 goals against Malmo look at the replay he was in the CENTRE HALF position while his man was at the back post to pick his spot for the goals . SG is very much to blame as he will not drop him no matter how bad he plays and it is only a matter of time before we lose PATTERSON AND OTHER YOUNG PLAYERS COMING THROUGH . Yes i do agree with you about the majority of the senior players not pulling their weight that is in the hands of SG.WATP

  2. Sorry but Tav hasn’t really sparkled for us this year. He peaked around the time we qualified for the Europa knockouts last December. Kent is bustling with skill and flair but how many times do we need to watch him trying to get round players only to be robbed or get the ball stuck under his own feet? He does lack support though as does Hagi, the two players who have shown us they can spot a pass. Shame none of our players seem to be on the same wavelength. I think we have a great starting XI in our squad but maybe our 4-3-3 system has become too predictable for the opposition and our defence looks shaky when they face real pressure. Would like to see us have more faith in academy players and also stop fielding a midfield as stagnant and uncreative as Davis, Kamara and Lundstram. A playmaker is needed and maybe Hagi could be that guy as he doesn’t really fit where Gerrard plays him. He could play decent through balls and supply to wingers. How many goals did we score supplying Hateley and McCoist? I know those days are gone but the system served us for many years and trophies. We will fail to build on 55 if the players who are underachieving continue they way they are and I’m sure they know who they are.

  3. One of our problems is that we probably won’t go out and win many games 6-0 like Ceptic did today. We usually take a while to break teams down and when we eventually get a few goals we put the tools away. Rarely do we perform for anywhere near 90 minutes. Doing just enough is not the Rangers way.

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