Rangers signing being unfairly treated?

Rangers signing being unfairly treated?
St Johnstone v Rangers - Scottish Premiership - McDiarmid Park Rangers Jack Simpson gestures during the Scottish Premiership match at McDiarmid Park, Perth. Picture date: Wednesday April 21, 2021. Use subject to restrictions. Editorial use only, no commercial use without prior consent from rights holder. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xRobxCaseyx 59324828

Further to our earlier piece about Niko Katic, former Bournemouth man Jack Simpson has been getting it quite thick from a large portion of fans outraged that he seems to have preference in the manager’s eyes over the big Croat.

While it’s true the Englishman hasn’t overly impressed as a Rangers player, we do wonder why some fans spout ‘in Stevie we trust’ but then question a bunch of his decisions.

In our defence on this site we’ve never said ‘in Stevie we trust’ – the closest we’ve come is that he has now earned our trust, but it’s not blind and it’s not unconditional.

Trust can be lost as well as earned, and hopefully our manager will just keep on earning it. But this, all this, is getting away from the point.

Simpson is first choice deputy this season. He may not be Paolo Maldini but he’s the manager’s choice.

He is a signing Stevie made with Katic no longer available, and he added to the other 3 or four defenders we had.

And whether fans like it or not, Simpson is who Stevie has elected as main deputy to the Goldsons, Helanders and Baloguns, who are the three top choices under this boss.

Simpson is there for depth, and we know he’s not exactly filled us all with colossal reassurance yet, but at 24 he has managed 11 outings in the PL in England, which is at least more than a great number of our shiny squad (Connor Goldson and Ryan Kent to name just two)!

So management obviously see something there that they want to work with, and that’s their call.

Fans will just need to suck it up. Unless they don’t trust the manager?

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  1. Jack Simpson isn’t a player that gives me any sense of security, same can be said for Balogun, but when I see his name on the team sheet but I always hope for him to give that big performance and show us that there was a really good reason to sign him. I don’t think he would be here if he couldn’t do a job but he is a work in progress and his work ethic and reading of the game seem to be most of the way there. He needs to develop and fine tune his timing and finesse for sure but he has a willingness to look for a pass and build from the back plus unlike Balogun he has time on his side. If he adds a little more bulk to that big frame he will be a tough opponent in his coming years.

  2. It’s sometimes to take a reality check at where we are here. Goldson always has a calamity moment in him I’ve never been one of his biggest fans , Hellander reads the game well but lacks pace. Simpson has potential , but do we have the time or the exposure to mistakes he will make and he seems aloof to the importance of being a Ranger. Balogun is not good enough and should be moved on . The league has to be won along with a cup or two. Katic is ready to get back on the horse .

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