Niko Katic situation details emerge as Rangers fans hope

Niko Katic situation details emerge as Rangers fans hope
Football - 2019 / 2020 UEFA Europa League - Round of Sixteen, First Leg: Rangers vs. Bayer 04 Leverkusen Nikola Katic of Rangers before the match, at Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow. COLORSPORT/BRUCE WHITE PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK

We’ve had a LOT of feedback over the Niko Katic story, hell one user actively sought us out to tell us off over the thing.

Yes, it was indeed sourced from a red top and we were adamantly clear about that, but the subsequent information ‘disputing’ the story has in fact only reinforced it.

Katic himself published a ‘defiant’ photo of himself in the shirt celebrating, hinting he wanted more of this in the future, but the original story claiming he was finished at the club after a meeting with Ross Wilson might not have been the full picture.

His agent did indeed meet Rangers’ Director of Football and the Croat’s future was discussed, and it’s emerged his exit from Rangers would be a loan.

Now, read that again. Loan.

Now, once again – remind us of all the Rangers players under this manager who have returned from a loan and become a mainstay in the first team.

Hell, name one who’s returned from a loan to even be a regular on the bench and gets lots of minutes.

It doesn’t happen under Stevie, for better/worse/right/wrong. And Katic is unlikely to be different no matter how much we all want him to succeed and how much we rate him.

The boy is fit. COMPLETELY fit. Why would he need a loan when he’s ready to play? And more pertinently, why is Jack Simpson preferred?

Because he just is.

Katic could be the rare exception to the loan rule under Stevie, but we can’t see it.


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  1. I really rated Katic as a player and in an ideal world he would stroll back into the side and show Gerrard that he is a better, more commanding figure than Goldson. I was a fan of Edmundson too and saw a good partnership with Katic there given a good run together. If he goes on loan it is most certainly the end of him in a Rangers shirt, recent history almost guarantees this. It would be sad to see Katic join the “nominal fee” club but if there is any truth in the rumours around his future this is where he could be heading and his name sadly won’t be the last.

  2. I know we can’t have the 29 plus player pool , we can’t afford it. Katic is a quality CH . If he does go out on loan then it will be him done for Rangers it’s the SG strategy , I agree with most of the contributions it would be a mistake . If he is sold it wouldn’t be close to what he’s worth at all . I prefer him to Goldson, Balogun or Simpson . I’d like to still know what our plan is for financial continuence as we need investment from some direction.

  3. Difference between katic and the other players we sent out on loan was that he was a regular first team player

  4. There is a very good reason why Katic would go out on loan. He has been out for a year and needs games before he can step back into the first eleven. He is better out playing every week to see what level he can reach after his injury. Players like Jones, Murphy, Middleton, Docherty, McCrorie, Barker etc. went on loan for one very good reason. They weren’t good enough.

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