New club, same city, same old racism awaits Rangers

New club, same city, same old racism awaits Rangers
Rangers v Aberdeen - Scottish Premiership - Ibrox Stadium Rangers Glen Kamara arrives at the ground before the Scottish Premiership match at Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow. Picture date: Saturday May 15, 2021. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xRobertxPerryx 59780386

After Ibrox Noise gave Sparta the benefit of the doubt over racism given they weren’t Slavia, it turns out that benefit was misguided. Indeed, the Prague rivals of Rangers’ old ‘friends’ themselves are just as racist, with their fans slaughtering a black opponent and their losing the use of a stand for a length of time as a result.

Which all thoroughly encourages Glen Kamara, and indeed all black players plying their trade for the Famous. And indeed anyone else who goes near Prague.

The reality, as we’ve addressed, is the Eastern Bloc has a massive ‘issue’ with anti-black racism. It’s part of normal life there and they don’t consider it racist, or, even worse, consider racism to be entirely acceptable.

In the way the west considers communism unacceptable in this day and age, and frequently calls it out, that is the way the east views black people.

So, unfortunately, Prague is a cesspit for anyone who isn’t white, and they will not be made welcome at all.

What can we do? Ban all Eastern Bloc nations from football? From all sports? Racism is endemically part of life in that part of the world, and there’s little you can do to completely overthrow a culture.

Which all bodes well for Rangers’ trip to Prague.

Will Kamara, in particular, still be here? Unknown at this point. No deal signed, and a lot of speculation about his future. He’s had at least a week or two to sign the thing, and hasn’t.

But this is getting away from the point. Goldson, Tavernier, Bassey, Morelos et al all have to deal with the rubbish Prague and their fans will throw at them.

Far from ideal.

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  1. Only when we stop singing the famine song while marching through the streets of Glasgow and mocking foreign players on supporters coaches can we take a moral high ground about culture, racism or bigotry. Prague on both sides of the city would appear to be a hive of racial hatred but if we can’t support a club without always making it all about “them” then we are not going to be portrayed as being anything better ourselves.

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