Media games as red tops try to pawn Rangers

Media games as red tops try to pawn Rangers
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If there’s been one big thing we’ve noticed in the media this summer, it’s been the pro-Celtic anti-Rangers climate of all the rags.

While we know there’s a tonne of timmies in the media still, the blatant contrast between reporting on Rangers and reporting on Celtic has been impossible to ignore, and it’s about time we tackled it head on.

For example; when was the last time you saw Rangers linked to a major player for signing, bar the story about Joey Veerman?

Meanwhile, how many players do our green friends across the city seem to get linked to (and, in fairness actually sign) by comparison?

Rangers, in the press, all seem to be about hawking off our prize assets, with the red tops always finding new ways to link our main players with moves out.

The last 24 hours has seen Ianis Hagi, Alfredo Morelos and Glen Kamara linked out to Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Spartak Moscow respectively, with not a hint of a player coming in.

Meanwhile Celtic are signing/being linked to everyone under the sun and the only sale they’ve made, far as we know, is the absolutely ludicrous £20M exit of Ajer to Brentford.

There’s a real difference in the theme of reporting, and with just two weeks left on the window, the lack even of speculation over Rangers incomings is bizarre.

The papers and media know our name sells clicks and copies, and yet they choose to go with ‘who are Rangers selling’ rather than ‘who are Rangers signing’.

Indeed, it’s bizarre that so little focus has been on the clear out at Parkhead, almost as if the media only want to focus on the marquee players at Ibrox that they can pawn out to whatever midrange team they can find.

That all said, being honest, it’s an issue of perception, and maybe there’s a hundred Celtic sale and Rangers sign stories we’ve not seen, but given we kind of do this 24/7 that seems unlikely. We also have to be honest and say Rangers haven’t been good enough in the transfer market, and haven’t signed anywhere near enough quality yet, while Celtic have been incessantly active and seem to have rebuilt their squad near enough.

But the media’s angle to hawk out Rangers’ best players while glorifying Celtic’s is quite blatant in our view.

Morelos is only £12M but their new Japanese striker is already £30M after like one game?


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  1. You should have heard the drivel on sportsound last night, most notably Tom English (surprise surprise) They said the loss of champions league money for Rangers (no mention of Celtic) is catastrophic and they’ll have to sell a player or two. They then spoke about how much Kent would fetch and they said £10m. That says it all

    • Hi Paul, problem is Celtic have had 10 years of sales and made around £100M+. They’re not in a position they need to sell, so even a loser like Ajer can fetch £20M because they don’t have to sell. So the loss of CL cash doesn’t hurt them like it has us. It’s really impacted us. That all said, English is as anti-Rangers as it gets so take him with a pinch of salt.

      • I get what you are saying 100% but to say that Kent is only £10m when we rejected that amount from Leeds last year and after the season he had is ridiculous

  2. It’s stomach churning listening to this slash , that wretch English is a beggar straight. They have signed unknowns they beat a pub team in the Europa and shitty Dundee . Let’s do what we do and put them in their place at the OF game . The media hate Rangers and all things associated with Rangers , The Queen Great Britain and reality . Onwards 56 . Fuck Em all

  3. BBC Scotland is a muppet show. My advice would be to ignore them. They like the judiciary are in the pockets of the ned nasty snp party.

    Scotland is a mess but we can follow the famous Rangers. Ignore the trash mentioned above.

  4. You’ve said it yourself in the past that Rangers no longer indulge in transfer speculation and just go and get any business done without fuss. And the massive turnover in players at Parkhead would obviously lead to wider speculation.

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