Itten comes a cropper after Rangers star ‘likes’ Celtic

Itten comes a cropper after Rangers star ‘likes’ Celtic
Partick Thistle v Rangers - Pre-Season - Firhill Stadium Rangers Cedric Itten during the pre-season match at Firhill Stadium, Glasgow. Picture date: Monday July 5, 2021. Use subject to restrictions. Editorial use only, no commercial use without prior consent from rights holder. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xStevexWelshx 60838371

In this modern digital age it’s a completely different set of rules, and with the advent of social media players are being pored over in ways they could never have imagined.

And Cedric Itten has come a serious cropper after committing one of the taboos of modern times – ‘liking’ a post promoting Celtic or a Celtic player.

He could easily have hit the button accidentally, but no matter what, the damage was done and the Swiss international has committed absolute folly with this one.

After Kyogo Furuhashi, Celtic’s new striker, bagged himself a hat trick, Sky Sports UK put out a post praising him. That’s ok, they’ve done stuff for us too the past year or so, and they generally try to be fair and give most teams a plug.

But unfortunately our ‘Swiss roll’ed over in glee at liking that post, and it hasn’t gone down well.

Is a sense of perspective needed? It’s just a like button, probably accidentally tapped, but in this tribalistic city, doing a single thing to ingratiate yourself to the other side, such as like a posting of this nature, is absolute taboo and a big no no.

Itten can only blame himself for this, accidental or not – and if he did it willingly sadly it’s pretty much the end for him at Rangers in fans minds.

You simply cannot endorse Celtic. Stevie G may still use him, but fans aren’t going to feel the same about a player who joined the Celtic love in.

We know we don’t.

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