“Dropping the Undroppables” – you know what you have to do Stevie…

“Dropping the Undroppables” – you know what you have to do Stevie…
Will he be happy with the window? (Credit Rangers FC)

As most Bears are currently doing with their families and friends at the moment, Ibrox Noise is chewing through the wreckage of last night with those in our circle, and one good friend of the site did make a good point or two and coined the title of this article. This piece is dedicated to him and his family through the difficult time they’re experiencing.

And their point is dead true, and it’s been rearing its ugly head repeatedly since last night.

In truth, Steven Gerrard was cut infinite slack rightly last season because he pulled off the miracle of Govan getting us 55 and stopping 10IAR.

We will never forget that or be fickle and slam him only months after calling him a God in Glasgow. He always will be.

However, as the manager himself has been keen to stress, 55 is history and it’s about the here and now, and if it was given as slack last season, that goodwill is over and once again the manager is under fire for not Dropping the Undroppables.

Yes, the likes of James Tavernier, Connor Goldson, Borna Barisic, and Ryan Kent in particular have been painfully AWOL this season, with none of them looking fit, interested or up for the fight.

One comment addressed the Croat, and how he wimped out of some 50/50s last night. If there’s one thing we’ve never been able to label the former Osijek man as, it’s courageous. But we’re definitely not targeting him – we’re addressing the favourites issue.

Stevie loves his favourites, and rarely to never drops them. Despite the fact when he has occasionally done so it’s fired them up – look at Ryan Kent – dropped for the trip to Antwerp and came on second half and scored one of the goals of the season. Never looked back after that.

But these are rare. This manager, possibly more than most, has a cast-iron loyalty to a handful of players, and completely reneges on giving rivals a shout instead.

In some positions, the competition notion is moot because the alternative players never get used.

Calvin Bassey, we can’t believe the change in the lad, has looked an absolute up-for-it unit in pre-season. A different player. That continued v Livi. But Barisic just took his place back for Malmo, didn’t perform, and kept that slot.

And we addressed the Goldson arrogance issue in a previous article after Utd, got absolutely slated for it left right and centre, and all we’ve heard last night now is how arrogant he is and how everyone wants him dropped!

In short, there’s too many players who don’t have to earn their place – it’s been a common problem under Stevie, and while it didn’t cost anything last season (well, we were dire in the cups…) this season it’s returned as a huge theme.

Complacent Connor, Toiling Tavernier, Banal Barisic and Quiet Kent. They’re by no means the only undroppables who haven’t delivered but they are the ones fans are quoting the most.

Gerrard’s insistent loyalty to his favourites earned us 55 last season and a fine run in the UEL. But this season it could cost even more.

It’s time to show some flexibility Stevie, and faith in ALL the players YOU sign.

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  1. Was calling for Patterson and Bassey to be brought on as unfortunately both Full Backs were shocking last night. I do not know what has happened to this side, it looks a shadow of the team we know it can be and it needs to get out of this rut sharpish.

  2. I am not in a position to attend games anymore so maybe I shouldn’t have a right to comment, but I have supported rangers since 1953 so I think I get a pass.
    This team are NOT the same as last season and are mediocre at best. Against Dundee United we were sloppy, and not up for a fight which was required. Against Malmo first half full of energy like headlines chickens with no game plan, second half well we were not at it at all, I could see both those goals coming from my chair. We pussy foot around and about our own penalty box, tippy tappy stuff instead of defending and clearing our lines we try to look cool and pretend we have abilities that are not there. Earn the Jersey, stop taking it for granted, and perform like professionals, or move on.

  3. We can discuss the CL fall out for days or we can get back into gear and get after this league. If SG and his coaching team are determined to stick by the nucleos of the 55 Team to win the league and cups then fine but they need to show it’s the right decision. I think Rangers will need to sell a player maybe 2 everyone knows that and Kent would be on the list . Let’s see how it plays out. But there is no margin for any error. ,

  4. The game prior to lockdown in Europe was Bayer Leverkusen. We were well beaten at Ibrox but I did not mind. We were defeated by a technically superior team and Rangers actually played okay. Against Malmo we were rank rotten. This Swedish team were very average. To be back in the stadium again to a full capacity crowd who were 100% up for it, the Rangers performance was very, very disappointing. I am still gutted to be knocked out the CL by a very average team, especially Malmo. It’s definately time to drop some of our regular players – we all know who they are

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