“Clueless? – 8” Rangers players rated at Dingwall

“Clueless? – 8” Rangers players rated at Dingwall
Scotty celebrates the 4th (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers returned to winning league ways with a lively afternoon v a spirited Ross County. Ibrox Noise takes you through our scores for an eventful one in Dingwall.


Beaten twice and won’t be happy about this. Still isn’t looking quite his normal self, albeit did make a save or two. Just looks like time has suddenly caught up with him. He was ok. 6


His usual schizophrenic self – brilliant in attack with an assist and plenty of quality crossing, but defensively he cost a goal with lazy closing down. He’s cost quite a few at the back and it’s time to seriously start looking at pushing him permanently forward. 6


Haphazard day from Goldson who looks at 6s and 7s still. Wasn’t needed a tonne, but failed the one or two times he was required. But he got a great goal and could have got another. Mixed. 6


He did ok, got in a few clearances and looked a little more assured than he has in previous outings. But still isn’t as good a defender as Filip Helander at the end of the day. 6


A real workhorse, usually had the better of attacks coming his way and his strength is a real asset. Strong going forward but did lack many crosses this time, bar one excellent one that no one bothered to anticipate. The penalty was just one of those things. He’ll learn. 7


Apart from one really poor loss of possession, Davis looked a lot better today, with a good range of passing and more apparent time on the ball. A nice return to some form for an old fellow who’s been a bit slow to get going. 7


Smooth and controlled, Kamara sailed this one with a stupendous 97% accuracy on his passing. Neat and tidy, even if he didn’t have a huge impact, but ‘that’ move he pulled in the first half was the kind of thing which makes you realise how good he is. 7


Continues to be Rangers’ best midfielder on a day when the others actually produced a bit. Aribo was everywhere, and his goal was world class. Strong, quick, and composed, who exactly have other fans watching recently they rate as ‘useless’? Clueless! 8


Ok, he wasn’t back to his best, but Gerrard’s presser had an effect and Kent worked a lot harder today. Visibly trying to make things happen, managed a shot or two and even showed a bit of confidence, he looks like he’s trying to get his best back. Fair play to him. 7


Bright again from Hagi, working hard to make space and make runs. Doesn’t let rough treatment faze him. 7


A tonne better than Alashkert from Alfie, he was brutalising everyone and wouldn’t give anyone peace. Good link up and movement and he earned his goal, even if Laidlaw was walking through treacle to get down to it. 8


Stevie picked a side he believed would do the job, sticking rigidly as ever to his favourites. But the effort there was plain for all to see and they definitely worked for him today. He’ll be disappointed with the defence, but it’s self-inflicted and the manager needs to learn to play the best, and not his pals. 7

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  1. Didn’t actually see it listened on the radio . We seemed to be much better but still having no real devastating ruthless streak allowing a seemingly easy goal . Onwards to next Sunday ..

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