Celtic media bias exposed again as Rangers slated

Celtic media bias exposed again as Rangers slated
Heart of Midlothian v Celtic Cinch Scottish Premiership 31/07/2021. Fans fight with each other outside Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh, Scotland before the Cinch SPFL Premiership match between Heart of Midlothian FC and Celtic FC on 31 July 2021. Editorial use only PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK , Copyright: xMalcolmxMackenziex PSI-13203-0005

The media and government are again under fire for uneven handling of similar situations, following yesterday’s violence at Tynecastle.

Fans of a green and white persuasion were seen battling each other, with snappers on hand to grab the action, but unlike the similar scuffles in George Square some months ago, nothing whatsoever surfaced in the media nor condemnation from the government regarding these clashes.

Because, of course, the George Square stuff was Rangers fans.

Indeed, not a word from Dornan, the Police or Yousaf slating the disgraceful scenes from the Parkhead punters as they laid into each other, and indeed police on the scene were seen hanging back doing very little.

Compare and contrast that with the media, government and police outrage with Rangers fans and their similar ‘exuberance’.

Quite, and we all remember Rod Petrie defending Hibs fans all those years ago, no action taken on them, just Rangers players hung out to dry for defending themselves against an onslaught of Edinburgh green and white.

Well, Glasgow’s equivalent were at it again yesterday but the usual suspects so keen so castigate Rangers in incidents like this were, of course, completely awol for both the Hibs stuff all those years ago and yesterday’s indiscretions.

There’s no denying Rangers have a lot of enemies in the media, and while many reading this will resort to type and slate this website as paranoid for raising awareness of this, honestly, we don’t really care.

If you’re not interested in the facts and a lack of impartiality, that’s on you, not us.

Rangers were in the wrong in March, some of our fans disgracing the club.

But when it’s anyone else, the silence from public figures and journos is telling.

Que sera.

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