Cedric Itten and his shock move to the Bundesliga

Cedric Itten and his shock move to the Bundesliga
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We must admit a real sense of confusion over Cedric Itten’s departure tonight.

True, he wasn’t in Stevie’s serious plans, and was only being used as an impact sub. All-in-all he only started 9 matches in his single season at Ibrox, scoring just 6 goals in all 42 appearances.

And yet, despite bringing in this Swiss international as a potential replacement for Alfredo Morelos, which of course didn’t actually pan out, nevertheless he was barely a fringe player for Gerrard and as such missed out on the Euros, which still grates him.

So what move did he get?

The flipping Bundesliga.

Cedric Itten, unlike pretty much every other loan who’s gone out to League 2, League 1 or even the Championship, Itten got a headline move to one of the biggest leagues on earth!

There’s no question, despite the club being nowhere near the size of Rangers, the league he’s now in is a complete continent above the SPL, and we’d have to say overall it’s an incredible move for him.

If Itten thrives at that level, with promoted Greuther, in the cauldron of Germany’s top flight, we’re not quite sure what to make of that.

It’s just thoroughly intriguing, and indeed applies to Niko Katic as well who got a pretty big club in a division marginally better than the SPL, that we see our fringe players getting such good moves, rather than the League 2 diddy sides they used to end up at.

What does this mean?

We’re genuinely not sure. Either it’s a bit of a slight at Stevie for refusing to ever select outside his favourites, regardless of form, or it’s praise for the work he’s done making such a strong squad that even great players can’t get a game.

Your call.

All we’ll say is we’ll watch Itten’s progress in the Bundesliga with great interest.

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  1. We should have bought Dykes he would have given us the option the SG were seeking . Warburton is no fool . This lad has settled into Championship International Football easily. Itten looked on flashes he could play . Good luck to him .

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