Bizarre attack on Scott Arfield has us scratching our heads

Bizarre attack on Scott Arfield has us scratching our heads
Motherwell v Rangers - Scottish Premiership - Fir Park Rangers Scott Arfield during the Scottish Premiership match at Fir Park, Motherwell. EDITORIAL USE ONLY PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xJeffxHolmesx 55764783

Ibrox Noise was amused by the reaction to a social media post we made earlier today in support of Scott Arfield, with an awful lot of negative responses.

Despite our praise of one of the best players at the club (albeit struggling with injury, form and fitness at present), a great number of ‘fans’ were keen to attack him as mediocre, suggesting he has never been any good for this club, that the lower SPL is his level and he has always been hopeless in Europe.

To say we were astounded by the revisionism of some of our fans is an understatement, given the wide praise Arfield has enjoyed for the absolute majority of his time in Govan, well-earned for his brilliant performances and team-lifting leadership.

Suddenly, this season, he’s garbage, always was, and he’s been found out.

One gentleman suggested his numbers for midfield were terrible, quoting his assists and goals. Now, bewilderingly, the numbers actually backed up a fine return for a CM/AM with 20 goals and 16 assists in 77 matches, but the claim was that this showed how poor he was.

Then another gentleman told us he was rank, couldn’t handle Europe, gave the ball away all the time and was only any use for bottom-feeding SPL teams. This despite Stevie starting him v the likes of Benfica, Poznan, Liege and Galatasaray not to mention Celtic.

In short, we’re deeply disappointed at how major numbers of fans have turned on this guy who has arguably been, till spring this year, the club’s most consistent performer, a player who leads well from the middle and provides superb link up play.

Injury has definitely hurt him, no denying that, but he can join that Rangers club, therefore to revise his entire Rangers career for reasons best left to themselves baffles us.

Sorry, not listening to a word of this tot.

If you think Arfield is a rotten player then you literally haven’t got a clue about football and you were probably saluting him every goal like a right hypocrite last autumn.

Not only do our players need support, but especially the ones who are one of our own. To have fans change history and make top performers out to be losers is extremely disappointing and has us convinced they might not be one of us at all.

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  1. I always voted in the past to give Scotty the captain the armband as he is much more a leader, a captain than what Tav will be in a million years, it’s Tav that deserves the negative reviews, he is rank fucking rotten and not a single bid has been made for him from other teams since day one, the same as the logo muncher brown, Tav is a wage thief, a waste of a shirt

  2. Scott has been brilliant for our club Rangers have always played better when he,s in the team as his link up play and runs beyond the strikers has been excellent. As usual you always get idiots that know nothing about football. Kind of supporters we defo don’t need anywhere near Ibrox.Clowns.

  3. The no marks that slash Arfield are not true Rangers People sorry. He’s been every inch like Steve Davis a top professional that has Rangers In his heart . His goal on Sunday was typical of his never ending trying/effort. Will be a key player this season too . I salute you Scottie son

  4. Any comments about this BBC Vendetta again against the Famous with this Video story… Obviously there are those amongst us who continue to flaunt racist views and make an arse of them selves, their Travel Club and Rangers . There are those however who stupidly trust what the do won’t get to the fucking bent media that hate Rangers. Let’s hope we stick it right up this lot on Sunday. It’s how Scotland is going folks

  5. Arguably the best signing of Gerrard’s tenure and that salute enrages that lot across the city. Let’s hope he’s saluting us all again come Sunday!

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