Apathy for Gers won’t do as Saints hold Galatasaray

Apathy for Gers won’t do as Saints hold Galatasaray
Kerem Akturkoglu R of Galatasaray and Murray Davidson L of St. Johnstone during the UEFA Europa League, 3rd qualifying round, match between Galatasaray and St. Johnstone at Turk Telekom Stadium in Istanbul , Turkey on August 05 , 2021. PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxTUR

Ibrox Noise would like to give St Johnstone a huge thumbs up for their achievement last night in drawing with Galatasaray, and doing their part in improving the Scottish coefficient.

As we know, Galatasaray are not as formidable as they once were, but they are still a fairly good outfit.

The serial losers Aberdeen even managed to win 3:2.

Now it’s Rangers’ turn to do something.

Hopefully Gerrard has made it crystal clear that jogging around the park with nae a care in the world, while Ryan Kent is busting his guts out to beat the entire team on his own, is grounds for being dropped from the team.

The fact that Alfredo will probably waltz his way back into the team just tells us how switched off some of our team was on Tuesday.

Yes, it was probably fate that the score would end two goals to one, but next week we get a second chance, and there is no need to try to match the score against Malmo, just because we lost to them (2:1) exactly 10 years ago.

So, we are hoping (god we are hoping) that tomorrow we can get some match fitness, and we can see if this Rangers team is really going to work as a unit, or are we going to return to two years ago, when some thought all they had to do was put on a Rangers top, and our opponents would roll over in fear.

We are not sure if any Rangers players actually read our posts (probably not) but if they do they need to now all our opponents in the Champions league are serial winners.

If we have even one player not giving 100%, our opponents will sense it, and they will punish any mistakes.

Gerrard knows it, we at Ibrox Noise know it, we just wonder if some of our stars are starting to believe their own hype just a little bit too much, and are unwilling to put in the hard work to truly be Champions?

Tomorrow will tell us who really deserves to be in this team, and who might need some time on the bench.

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