After the SPFL tried to kill Rangers, Rangers may just have killed the SPFL

After the SPFL tried to kill Rangers, Rangers may just have killed the SPFL
It's been coming for sure.....

Rangers have waited 10 years to get a little ‘payback’ upon the SPFL, the SPL and the SFA by continuing the battle against the league’s sponsorship.

Whatever we think of any of the motivations behind it, if Rangers fans cast their minds back to how this club was binned in 2012 by every authority in Scotland and slated by all and sundry, we really don’t mind a little spot of vengeance.

The SPFL fear Rangers’ refusal to participate in the league’s new cinch sponsorship could well kill sponsorship in general in Scotland, with Rangers having a completely separate sponsor system to that of the league and not really needing the pennies the cinch deal has secured, despite it nevertheless being the biggest one in the league’s history.

And all we can really say is tough buttons, chaps.

While we’ve had a lot of debate over the motivations for this move, equally we can’t help a little grin at a decade-long piece of justice meted out – it’s been coming.

This country tried to ruin our club, and did everything in its power to ensure that.

It failed. Now Rangers have found an angle to hurt the SPFL, whether that was the original intent, and guess what? It couldn’t be more deserved.

Clubs need the Blue Pound, they need the capital Rangers’ name brings in – Steven Gerrard and our club are massive money draws in the context of Scotland, and by doing this, we’re strangling the coffers of the hierarchy.

Boo hoo, right?

All is fair in love and war, and if this hurts the SPFL as a side effect of Rangers taking this action, we can’t say we’re sad about that.

Que sera.

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  1. Aye Que Sera right enough , all these green leaning excrement houses that bladed and disrespected the Famous can go and FRO . I couldn’t care less if any of the teams in SNP led Scotland get any sponsorship. That shambles that is the SPFL and even worse the SFA are total incompetent self preserving arseholes . However having said that the Rangers Lawyers better have the case in order 100% or these lying slimy green leaning wretches will find some bullshit disrepute charge as they did before to fine us and again disrespect us.

  2. Iam loving this,get it right up them,fannies,watp and we are now in control
    Nice to be back🇬🇧👍🏆👅

  3. My understanding is that this is a £8m five year deal covering all 42 clubs in Scotland. Yet cinch have just done a similar deal with Spurs for £10m for ONE season. Doncaster is an embarrassing donkey getting paid way beyond his capabilities.

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