“We’re racist for England, ENGERLAND”

“We’re racist for England, ENGERLAND”
London, England, 11th July 2021. Gareth Southgate manager of England consoles Bukayo Sako of England during the UEFA European Championships final match at Wembley Stadium, London. Picture credit should read: David Klein / Sportimage PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK SPI-1094-0227

We’ve been considering our response and position on the recent England racism scandal after the Euro finalists’ key black players suffered a torrent of completely predictable racism following the penalty loss.

We’ve been rambling on Ibrox Noise for months about the horrendous racism coming from the Eastern Bloc aimed at Glen Kamara, about Ondrej Kudela’s diabolical conduct and UEFA’s pathetic punishment of it, and as such we’ve plenty to say on this latest racism episode to blight football.

Let’s be clear – there is a BIG chunk of England that is racist. Strong words, we know, but the torrent of abuse Sako, Sancho and Rashford is not just a ‘tiny subset’ of the nation.

This is a gigantic issue, one which education and punishment are unable to curb, and the pertinence and relevance of this issue is of course not only Rangers’ English players (of which there are many, plus our Liverpudlian manager) but Rangers’ black players.

There is a huge problem, one which isn’t going away, and which exposed at the weekend how western Europe has its own catastrophic problems with discrimination.

The difference between east and west Europe is the complete lack of diversity in the east – the percentage of ethnic minorities in the Balkan nations is minute, where it’s high in the west.

But the problem persists, and we’d be hypocrites to slate the Slavic nations for their racist abuse of Kamara and turn any kind of blind eye to the slaughtering the English trio took from a big chunk of their own countrymen.

We’re not messing about with PC nonsense – England has a big problem with racism, and that was damningly exposed at the weekend. Unhappy with a black sportsman’s performance? Attack the colour of his skin. And it happens every time.

While the politics of BLM got murky and too socialist for our liking, the message underneath it all is fair – cut the racism and discrimination.

Rangers players have returned to doing the knee, which we’ll cover later, but the problem isn’t getting any better, it’s getting worse.

Gary Neville said what we all thought – as soon as England lost the penalty shoot-out, the online racist abuse of the ‘offending’ trio would be a tirade. It was beyond predictable.

And that’s what England is becoming.

This is nothing against the good people of down south, of which there are millions – but racism, conveniently swept under the carpet in recent years has now exploded to the forefront in that nation, and we can’t blame culture in the Eastern Bloc any more.

This is the UK, it’s supposed to be better than this.

But it isn’t, and we can’t see it improving any time soon.

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  1. Good article guys . When you look at the population % from the last census it’s about 49 million white people in the UK., about 6.5 Black Asian Mixed . Those figures show defo there will be racist views in this country . It was obvious following the penalties the whole social media thing would kick off ! Would white players been slaughtered the same yes, but not racially. The BLM movement as you say has been manipulated by leftie frustration and political jealousy … There is an element in those abusers that may feel WLM too and it carries through into racism in their unacceptable posts . It’s not easy to fix or address all of the issues behind it all but I’m sure unfortunately it won’t be the last of this type of incident .

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