Twist in Morelos transfer as Stevie G offers different take

Twist in Morelos transfer as Stevie G offers different take
November 15, 2019, Miami Gardens, Florida, USA: Colombia forward Alfredo Morelos (9) and Peru defender Miguel Trauco (6) follow the ball in midair, served for a header to Morelos in the goal area, during a friendly soccer match at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Soccer 2019: Colombia 1:0 Peru - ZUMAh333 20191115_zap_h333_013 Copyright: xMarioxHoubenx

Mystery this afternoon surrounds the Alfredo Morelos to Porto story after manager Steven Gerrard appeared to completely reject/overlook any transfer story after confirming the striker is expected back in Scotland ASAP.

Gerrard, who previously confirmed Lille’s bid and confirmed it was ‘nowhere near’ the club’s valuation for the Colombian, this time hasn’t even discussed any interest from Portugal, despite multiple media and ITK sources claiming the story’s authenticity and Morelos’ best friend and former team mate Daniel Candeias confirming his mate wants the move.

It’s made for a very strange saga now, but Gerrard DID give a little something away when he expected/hoped Morelos did the ‘right thing’ after the Copa is over. The ‘right thing’ could mean a lot of things.

It’s a lot of mixed signals, but we do agree with the majority who won’t believe anything unless it’s made official.

What we will say is if Morelos does report for pre-season duty once the Copa is over, a lot, and we mean LOT of sources will look like liars and very silly indeed.

Won’t mean he definitely isn’t moving, but will mean the transaction isn’t the done deal we were led to believe.

But maybe Stevie is just being canny…

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  1. I’m firmly in the believe it when I see it camp. The figures being quoted are way off the mark. My gut feeling is he will be a Rangers player next season. Hopefully one with a better attitude.

  2. the problem with the media now days is no one cares that it’s all fake news made up by people selling clicks the lazy journalists who write these story’s just get away with it in normal life if you go round telling lies and story’s that never come true no one would listen to you and your reputation would be of a liar or someone who told tall tails that just dosnt seem to be the case if you work for a red top …. fan media is the only way forward u can’t trust main stream it’s all driven by agenda money and politics ZERO passion… unless it’s from the club its self it’s not real news in my eyes…. keep up the good work IN…… watp …. 56 on its way …

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