“Three quarters of a billion” as Rangers face Real Madrid

“Three quarters of a billion” as Rangers face Real Madrid
The Rangers v Real Madrid....

In the second match in two days we now face the mighty Real Madrid.

Incredibly, this is the first match against Real Madrid since we lost 7 1 to them in the 1963 European Cup Preliminary Round, and since then they have a record that righty puts them amongst the best and also the richest football teams on the planet.

And talking about money, to get an idea of just how rich this team is, they brought in more than three quarters of a BILLION dollars in 2019.

On the field they have now won a grand total of 26 European and international trophies, and between the European Cup and the European Champions League they have won the premier European cup an amazing 13 times.

However, with Real Madrid not lifting a single trophy last year, their manager Zinedine Zidane was forced to step down as their manager.

This means we will be facing a Real Madrid which will now be playing for the second time under Carlo Ancelotti, who is widely regarded as the Steven Gerrard of Italian football.

As a manager, Carlo has already won the Champions League 3 times. Once during his first time as the manager of Real Madrid (2013 to 2015), and twice as the manager of AC Milan (who he managed between 2001 to 2009).

Normally Carlo plays 4-3-3 which may transition to a 4-5-1, but this being a friendly who knows what he may try.

As for their players, they had a Covid case announced two days ago. So it is difficult to know who will play; and anyway, just like Rangers yesterday, they will probably be playing a lot of fringe players.

But no matter, it’s time to finally avenge that painful 6:0 defeat.

So sit back and enjoy.

This should be one fantastic match.

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