“Those without sin” – Jordan Jones is being slaughtered

“Those without sin” – Jordan Jones is being slaughtered
Jordan Jones at Wembley

The Jordan Jones story is pretty embarrassing, and we’re saddened we’re having to cover this. Rangers’ out-of-favour winger got into the social media hall of shame for taking a trip to Wembley to watch the England match, with reaction condemning his actions and suggesting he’s finished at Ibrox.

At what point did some Rangers fans become so entitled that a Rangers player is now not allowed to go to a football match? At what point did they get so uptight that a player isn’t allowed to have any spare time?

Some claims are being made that he ‘violated Covid’ restrictions – well those ‘restrictions’ are not only being lifted in a week but everyone’s been violating them for the past two or three months anyway. Numbers are under control through the vaccine and life is slowly eking towards normality. But not when you’re Jordan Jones apparently.

This is life now – people will travel, and some will get infected – there comes a point when we have to live normally again and accept we have this virus.

But no, fans are slating the lad for just going down south and having a nice time at the match.

He may get the virus, yes, but the reality is 90% of you reading this have violated the restrictions, because it’s impractical to remain in them for the rest of eternity.

As for Jones – he’s allowed to go to the match, do what he wants – anyone else at the club can do the same.

It is now a matter of choice whether you obey the restrictions or not – because the game-changing vaccine gave us the power of that choice.

This is of course only the opinion of Ibrox Noise – we don’t speak for everyone. But at some point we’re sure a lot of you will agree it’s time to get back to normal, and accept the risk of the virus.

Or really is the Covid angle of Jones just an irrelevant stick to beat a player with?

We gave up on the guy in terms of him ever getting a chance at Ibrox, but he’s still a person who wants to do things. And if he chooses to do them, let those without sin judge him for it.

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  1. 100% agree. This smells of infiltration by those SNP small minded arseholes who build an anti English campaign to win elections when their incompetent joke government drag this country to the ground. Jones can do as he pleases.

  2. I’m sure the club have some kind of Covid policy that the players must follow. If Jones has broken any of those policies then he will be dealt with by the club and would surely be finished at Ibrox. If not then there is no story here. Leave it to the club.

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