It’s time for Rangers fans to give up on winger

It’s time for Rangers fans to give up on winger
His season? Probably not (Credit Rangers FC)

This must be the third summer in a row where Rangers fans got excited about Jordan Jones’ grand chances at Ibrox at becoming a major player.

Signed in the summer of 2019 (pre-contract of course) Rangers fans expected the world with this bright star from Killie, and frankly he just didn’t deliver.

His attitude didn’t fit with Stevie G’s strict ethos, and while the lad clearly had talent, his work ethic needed a lot of TLC.

He’s had injuries and loans and since Jordan Jones joined Rangers he’s had 19 appearances.


Even Niko Katic has had more than that and he’s had an ACLI!

When are Rangers fans going to wake up to the reality that Jordan Jones doesn’t interest Steven Gerrard?

Right or not, the NI international hasn’t fit since the day he arrived, and while we always had hope, even we at Ibrox Noise are bored with him and the saga.

The false hope which surrounds every pre-season where ‘this is his season’ only for the inevitable loan out to kick in.

It’s wearing.

It’s not like Katic who Stevie really does like but needs maturity from on the pitch (Katic has never stopped working and his attitude is top class)– he simply doesn’t like or want Jones.

So what now?

He goes back out on loan and fans melt in outrage again, is our guess.

As usual.

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  1. Its a shame as it looked as if he was fighting his way into the team but his own stupidity put paid to what must have surely been his final chance. I’d love to be proved wrong though as I’ve always liked him as a player.

  2. I like Jones too he has real ability and can be a game changer. It’s the old Scottish SFA bullshit about attitude etc. I’d much rather have someone on the team that can actually play . Let’s see what happens .

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