How does fantasy football compare to the real thing?

How does fantasy football compare to the real thing?
The Rangers v Real Madrid....

How does fantasy football compare to the real thing?

Football is still the top sport around the whole UK and indeed the entire world – it is thought that there are now 3.5 billion football fans on the planet! Of course, it is the UK that is the spiritual home of the game and which still hosts plenty of top-level action. This is naturally true in Scotland, where Rangers fans follow their Ibrox heroes each week and stay up to date with the latest Rangers gossip. The English Premier League south of the border is also a major draw for UK football, with teams such as Manchester City and Chelsea always worth watching.

One aspect of football that has grown steadily over time is fantasy football. This involves people selecting and managing teams of virtual players in online leagues against friends. The main aim is to score as many points as possible per week and top the virtual league when it finishes. There are lots of great places to play fantasy football online and many offer free registration. Draft Fantasy Football is currently one of the top places to play, as this review on shows.

But how does getting involved with fantasy football compare against the real thing?

Real players and real action involved

It is only fair to point out that fantasy football is not real as such and does not impact on what happens in reality when it comes to football. It does, however, match up well to the real thing when you dig a bit deeper.

This type of virtual football does still involve choosing from and buying real players for your side. The points players score (or don’t, if you are unlucky!) are also based on how they perform in real games each week. Both of these things give fantasy football a layer of authenticity that allows it to match up well with the real thing. By including real players (such as reported Rangers target Zinedine Ferhat) and using real action to dictate scoring, fantasy football becomes just as interesting as real football.

Can win money with FF

Many Rangers fans not only like to watch games but also bet on them. This can bring you closer to the action and make the games themselves more exciting to watch. While you cannot bet in the traditional manner in FF, there is still the possibility to win money. Fantasy managers can get involved with leagues where you pay to enter but then get a financial reward if you win the competition. This means it is possible to make money from playing fantasy football – in the same way as you can make money from normal football betting.

FF just as exciting and social as real game

In terms of excitement and drama, fantasy football compares well with the real game of football. This is because what happens in real games has a big impact on your fantasy side and how the team you are managing performs. As your FF team is more personal to you, this can feel even more exciting or exhilarating than watching real football.

Of course, playing FF also helps liven up dull games you might not normally be interested in but which involve a couple of your fantasy players. Playing the fantasy version of football is also great for banter and being able to compete directly against friends. This is something that real football actually finds hard to replicate. You may give someone who supports Hearts or Hibs some stick when you see them but the banter involved with FF is on another level.

Fantasy football vs the real thing

While there were questions around Kent and Aribo’s absence for Rangers in a recent friendly, there is no such mystery around fantasy football. There is no doubt that it compares well with the real thing and has a few unique features of its own to call on.

Playing FF, for example, means you can buy players that you want in your side but which the real-life team you support might never sign or be able to afford. Fantasy football has changed how we watch games and will probably turn you into a real fiend for stats, in a way that the real game does not really do. The simple truth, however, is that neither is better than the other or should replace the other. Fantasy football is a fun addition to the life of any Rangers fan and should be enjoyed alongside the real thing.

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