Goldson update could be better for Rangers fans

Goldson update could be better for Rangers fans
Rangers v Cove Rangers - Scottish Cup - Third Round - Ibrox Rangers Connor Goldson warms up on the pitch ahead of the Scottish Cup third round match at Ibrox, Glasgow. Picture date: Sunday April 4, 2021. See PA story SOCCER Rangers. Photo credit should read: Jane Barlow/PA Wire. RESTRICTIONS: Use subject to restrictions. Editorial use only, no commercial use without prior consent from rights holder. Use subject to restrictions. Editorial use only, no commercial use without prior consent from rights holder. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xJanexBarlowx 58992008

Steven Gerrard’s comments on Connor Goldson, we must admit, were far from the positive update we sought, despite the headlines claiming otherwise.

The big stopper is of course centre of a 10-month long contract negotiation, and while Ibrox Noise brought you the reason we understand the delay to be caused by, Gerrard’s statement on the former Brighton man’s future was anything but reassuring.

“I’ve got a fantastic personal relationship with Connor. I brought him up here three years ago and he’s done an incredible job. He’s got stronger and stronger each season. He’s very comfortable here, he’s a big leader. We’ve given him big responsibility making him vice-captain of this football club. He’s very settled and talks are ongoing. I’m confident we can get it to where we need to get it.”

We know Stevie and Goldson are a strong unit, Goldson is absolutely his stormtrooper out there, but while the above comment is reasonable, it’s the next part we have issue with:

“But at the same time, we will respect Connor’s space. There’s no need to rush.”

This is a disquieting statement – 10 months of negotiations and the club are to ‘respect his space’ with no need to ‘rush’?

It gets a bit worse:

“Hopefully sooner rather than later we can get him tied down because he’s very important to the team, the club and to me personally because he’s robust, he’s a top player and a leader.”

‘Hopefully sooner rather than later’ isn’t terribly optimistic either, and paints a picture of an absolutely preposterous saga which is continuing to frustrate all concerned.

There are only 5 weeks left of this transfer window before Goldson can sign to avoid a ‘final year’ scenario, and the fact the manager is only ‘hopeful’ after this saga began last October is a bit concerning.

‘Respect his space’ sounds like Goldson’s importance has become a little too grand, to tell the truth.

Regulars know we rate him hugely for his displays last season, but no one is indispensable and the club appears to be treating Connor like he is.

We defended his right to ‘exploit’ his own market value, that is his choice and football is a short career, but the language from Stevie about the vice-captain has frankly rubbed us up the wrong way, and we don’t like it at all.

But you may think different.

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  1. In my opinion goldson is totaly disrespecting our club . Has he forgot we gave him a chance when nobody wanted him changed days at ibrox in years goneby he wld have been out the door as he shld be now 😡😡😡🔵⚪🔴

  2. The record are just now claiming he signed a three year deal earlier this week so are obviously also claiming oor Stevie was playing with the truth a little earlier today. Why it wouldn’t have been announced…or the manager made aware makes me think that rather than pay for access they’re continuing to stab in the dark for clicks. I for one would like to see him sign sooner rather than later though.

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