Goldson signs 3-year deal – rumour

Goldson signs 3-year deal – rumour
Rangers v Aberdeen - Scottish Premiership - Ibrox Stadium Rangers Connor Goldson celebrates with the trophy after winning the Scottish Premiership at Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow. Picture date: Saturday May 15, 2021. Use subject to restrictions. Editorial use only, no commercial use without prior consent from rights holder. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xAndrewxMilliganx 59785737

Reports and rumours are increasing that Rangers have finally secured Connor Goldson on a three-year deal after one of the most protracted contract negotiations in the history of the club.

After information that his new deal was dependent on CL group stage participation, this latest development suggests two things:

1: Goldson reduced his terms, and compromised on the contract.

2: Rangers took a bit of a gamble and granted him his terms hoping that the club will get to the groups and gain further financial strength.

Rangers will not break the bank for anyone, with current revenue able to support a healthy and strong position, but there may well be the gamble that CL group stage can be secured in order to fund further signings and potential wages.

Or Goldson realised how good he’s got it and reduced his terms a touch – compromise may have helped here a lot.

We’re not going to pretend to be privy to the negotiations unlike some lying red tops that would allege they’re at the table reading the contract themselves, but it’s clear from both official club channels and the player himself that he’s staying.

Goldson’s talk has been very hinting about the future and his hopes with Rangers, while Clive let it slip that he’d basically signed.

So we can take it that something did give and the deal was secured.

In truth we’re glad – Goldson is pivotal to how we play, and while his importance has been elevated too high, and the manager exalts him a bit too much, nevertheless it’s about what he does on the pitch.

And hopefully we can all move forward now.

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  1. Good news, he is key to the strategy but no one is bigger than the club . He’s not stupid we are in Europe we are the expected champions his stock will rise even further on completion of this season . Unless a silly offer comes along .

  2. Fantastic news Rangers,so glad to see our team getting stronger and well done to the board that runs our club,great brains and real men on board.

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