“Get Real” – how Rangers beat $1B fair and square

“Get Real” – how Rangers beat $1B fair and square
Scott Wright doing his thing against a £30M star (Credit Rangers FC)

Wow….What a match.

We had belief. We had aggression. We had outrageous skills. We even had the next generation showing they can mix it with the best.

Then there was the performance of our newest player, who put out his very own Fashion statement.

Yeah, over in Spain, and I’m sure in Scotland they are now trying to spin it as just a pre-season friendly, but let’s get Real.

Real Madrid didn’t win anything last season. So, all the nonsense about them not being worried blah de blah blah can be thrown right oot ra windie.

Coz they were out there yesterday tae show their new manager, and all their supporters that they had what it takes to be in that team.

And this was not a bunch of kids who have never played a big game before.

No, the team Real Madrid started with yesterday had 10 internationalists, with a grand total of 179 caps between them.

So, anyone telling you we were playing against their B-team is talking out their rear end.

For god sake their entire team is currently valued at $949.85 million on transfermarkt

And they started the game with

Andriy Lunin, who all the Real Madrid blogs universally rated their best player for keeping them in the match, is a winner of the U-20 world cup, has played 6 times for Ukraine and was purchased for $9.35 million.

Alvaro Odriozola, their right-back has played 4 times for Spain, and was a member of the team that won the German league, the German Cup and the Spanish Super Cup. At his peak he was worth $27.5 million.

Nacho Fernandez, their centre-back, has played 22 times for Spain. He was in teams that won the Champions league 4 times, and is currently valued at $11 million

Victor Chust, is Spanish and is an U-19 internationalist. He is still to win his first senior cap.

Marcelo. Their left back is their captain. He has won 4 champions league trophies, 5 Spanish leagues, two Spanish Cups, 4 times the Spanish Super Cup, and 4 times he has lifted the FIFA Club World Cup. He has played for the Brazilian National team 58 times and had a peak value of $77 million.

Antonio Blanco, is a UEFA Youth League winner, European U-19 Champion, and European U-17 Champion. He is currently worth 5.5 million, and he just made his debut for the national team last month.

Isco, a 4 times Champion League winner is deployed as their attacking midfielder. He has 38 caps to his name, and was brought into the team for a fee of $33 million.

Martin Odegaard, a $44 million player with 30 international caps to his name. But with only 4 major trophies to his name, I suppose we can consider him a B-team player?

…ohh sorry he is a two-time Champion league winner.

OK, how about Lucas Vazquez? Nope, he has 10 major trophies to his name. He has played for Spain 9 times and is valued at $16 million. So, I wouldn’t call him a fringe player.

Then there is Rodrygo, he has only played for Brazil three times and has only TWO trophies to his name…so that, I suppose, makes him one of their weakest players….but he is worth a $38.5 million.

And then finally we have Luka Jovic. He was purchased for $69.3 million and has appeared 14 times for Serbia.

So, get Real….

The team we played yesterday was full of serial winners, and we played them off the park.

I think we can now say the problems we were seeing towards the end of last season (and in the first two friendlies) have been addressed, and the midfield is suddenly working as it should.

Anything can and will happen in football, but my God I really do think we are now seeing the start of something truly special, and there is no reason why we cannot start dreaming of some fun nights over the next few months.

Ohh, as we expected, Real Madrid did deploy the 4-3-3 formation, to try to counter Tavernier and Barisic.

In order to highlight how dominant Rangers were, the Real Madrid Community made Andriy Lunin, their goal keeper, their best player, with a rating of 8.5.

And as a final side note, the official Real Madrid website made it clear they did not like the result yesterday. In their three minute highlight video, they chose to give over 1 minute coverage to their one goal.

No….this was not a standard friendly. There was far too much to play for, and Rangers Are Ready! For Anyone, Anywhere.

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  1. Excellent performance from front to back we looked quality and when we moved forward we had lots of options and skill on show. I bet the whole of the SPFL all sighed and said oh dear here we go another Rangers season of dominance. Our main focus is the league but we would really love the CL spot.Sakala looks the business, Barasic too looked strong and engaged. Pleased for big Itten .

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