Exploited Rangers and now he’s at Porto…

Exploited Rangers and now he’s at Porto…
Fabio Cardoso (Rangers 4) Freisteller, Einzelbild, Aktion, Ganzkörper / 04.07.2017 Fussball Europa League Qualifikation, 1. Runde, Saison 2017-2018 / 04.07.2017 / LUX, ELQ, FC Progres Niederkorn (LUX) - Glasgow Rangers FC (SCO) / Stade Josy Barthel, Luxemburg / PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxLUX Fabio Cardoso Rangers 4 cut out Single Action shot Whole body 04 07 2017 Football Europe League Qualification 1 Round Season 2017 2018 04 07 2017 Lux ELQ FC Progres Niederkorn Lux Glasgow Rangers FC SCO Stade Josy Barthel Luxembourg PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxLUX

The Fabio Cardoso to Porto signing really isn’t in the slightest bit surprising, or even that interesting.

Cardoso wasn’t horrific at Ibrox, he just didn’t fit Scottish football and the style of play – the sight of him flying into challenges with his hands clasped behind his back was pretty ridiculous, but it was how he departed that left a sour taste in the mouth.

Cardoso, contracted to Rangers for three years, weaselled his way out of the contract via mutual consent, and all that time had a move to Santa Clara lined up so he could get a fat signing on check as a free agent while Rangers got nothing.

This is an experienced top-flight Portuguese player and Rangers got robbed of him, at his and his agent’s hand, and that of Santa Clara.

And it’s Santa Clara who now profit after selling him to Porto for £2M, so while we’re one to talk given all the free transfers we have and who are now worth money, nevertheless we’ve not actually successfully profited from any player in a significant way for a decade. We’re yet to actually sell anyone.

But the Portuguese side have profited, Cardoso himself did in 2018 and Rangers got nothing out of it.

So forgive us if we don’t exactly wish him well at his new club.

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  1. Disagree Cardoso was forced to quit Scottish football when his nose got splattered all over Hampden by that 3rd rate hammer thrower Bowman who is now plying his trade at the mighty Exeter City. He was booked when it was a straight red card and no action was taken by the compliance officer (surprise surprise)

    Cardoso became disillusioned and never played again. In my opinion the lack of action taken against his attacker would sicken anyone.

    Rangers policy at the time was get him off the wage bill with no thought of sell on clauses

    • Donald, you’re justifying our club being fleeced. Difficult to use morals as a defence for us losing out on a lot of money.

  2. I am not justifying is being fleeced but the board at that time were remiss in not getting some sort of fee and not agreeing to a sell on agreement.

    Faults on both sides but Cardoso was.let down by the authorises big time.

  3. The club let a perfectly good player leave for nothing with no conditions or sell on fees. So if Cardoso suddenly turned up at Porto we have no one to blame but ourselves. Did we not do likewise with Alves?

    • No Rob, Cardoso refused dozens of loan deals, and Rangers couldn’t find a buyer. Santa Clara were waiting the whole time as was Cardoso for a mutual consent so he’d get paid off AND so they could get him free plus the signing on fee. He was also very young and had value, Alves at 409 years of age wasn’t worth anything.

        • At that age, nope. Name any player at 36 who’s ever cost a team anything. Players over about 34 rarely to never cost a bean. There’s just no value in them. It’s how we got quality like Greegs, Defoe and Davo.

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