Celtic’s Stavros turns on board as Rangers quietly laugh

Celtic’s Stavros turns on board as Rangers quietly laugh
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As regulars will know, Ibrox Noise doesn’t talk too much about Celtic. They are our biggest rivals and as such they are, sadly, kind of relevant to our club now and then, but in general we have no real interest in discussing them.

But occasionally, we’ll indulge the nonsense and engage the odd topic which relates to them, and we have to say more and more it seems like Celtic have become a complete basket case, not unlike our own just over four years ago, and have employed Stavros Caixinha.

Their manager’s latest quotes are yet more hilarity, with passive-aggressive attacks on their board and smears which underhandedly accuse them of not backing him and not getting in the players they need.

It is simply joyous to behold, and after a full decade of us getting the absolute p*sh ripped out of us by all and sundry from the east, Rangers fans have earned the right to have a little point and giggle at the latest farce to engulf the Parkhead moonhowlers.

Because on top of the Leigh Griffiths stuff (not quite sure how he got away with that) and now the-usually Celtic-loving BBC turning on them following the latest debacle, Rangers can sit in a little spot of schadenfreude.

Well-earned schadenfreude.

Let us be clear – we have a tonne of things to take care of ourselves, and much work to do – we are not complacent to just assume the way things are now are the way they’ll stay. If we work hard at that, they will, but we’ll need to earn that.

But at the same time 10 years of absolute howling nonsense being flung at us, rightly or wrong, from all quarters, especially the east, and now the shoe is on the other foot and Stavros is labelling his board, indirectly, as a bunch of shysters uninterested in supporting him or his team.

And we absolutely love that.

Long may this continue.

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