Celtic & SNP radio silence on allegations is a disgrace

Celtic & SNP radio silence on allegations is a disgrace
Will Rangers get a retraction from this man...?

Celtic are once again at it after refusing to comment on allegations, which we can now go public with, that their striker Leigh Griffiths ‘groomed’ an underage girl on social media.

In fact, not only that, but he allegedly did it twice with two different girls.

We complained a few days ago of the embarrassing media blackout on this story, and we were deeply wary of going public with what we knew, but the red tops have now seized the story and Police Scotland are investigating.

There’s no denying though the uneven media on this. Had this been a Rangers player it would have been covered over every rag in the country and there would have been social media swathes of protests from every SPFL fan out there that such behaviour had to be investigated etc.

However, it’s the silence of Humsa Yousaf and James Dornan, quick to clutch upon any ‘indiscretion’ they perceive from Ibrox that stands out the most, with both SNP stormtroopers conspicuous by their lack of soundbites on the matter.

And of course Celtic themselves remain stoically quiet on the topic too.

Yes, we get that it’s an ongoing investigation, but it’s alleged criminal behaviour and with the recent exposure of sexual abuse and child abuse within Scottish football rightly profiled, Celtic’s lack of comment on their striker being accused of these crimes is pretty shameful.

We really do not like the notion of ‘using’ child abuse and this kind of topic to score points, because at the end of the day there are victims of a crime here and they deserve respect and support, not to be used as a political football.

But Celtic’s distancing from this, refusal to comment, and failure to provide support to victims is pretty damning.

It seems their striker has been misbehaving, allegedly, and the cops are on it.

The question is will his employer now be willing to condemn it?

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  1. I wouldn’t hold your breathe the brass necked SNP donkeys don’t care about downing the green ever. They lie cheat and totally over anything directed at them but come and say what they want about the famous without any recriminations it’s stinks , it a disgrace but unfortunately that’s just how it’s going to be in our leftie green leaning country sorry !

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