Bring back our Alfie!

Bring back our Alfie!
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 25: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers is congratulated by Ianis Hagi after scoring the opening goal during the UEFA Europa League Round of 32 match between Rangers FC and Royal Antwerp FC at on February 25, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. Sporting stadiums around the UK remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We are under no illusions and know some fans are split that he wants away and we should take the money and sell him (okay if it’s a fortune, but not the reported insulting offers that have been received so far) but what’s evident is that without him we don’t have enough to offer upfront.

Sure Roofe will score goals, but he’s not going to “do a Goldson” and play 90 mins, every game, every week, all season because of recurrent injuries. Itten has something to offer. I trust our scouts and Gerrard that they see something in him, but he’s not the finished article and we can’t rely on him, week on week. Defoe again will score goals and contribute when needed, but again we all know his role this season is more coaching-based and he won’t be playing 90 mins every week. Which leaves us with our top goal scorer and target man who, even from pre-season friendlies, is evident we are badly missing.

No player is bigger than the club and it’s inevitable they move on at some point, but now is not the time! Even if we did receive a respectable offer and we know he does want to move on, we just can’t go out and bring in a prolific goalscorer and offer them the time to bed into our league. Even Alfie didn’t show what he could do in his first season with the club.

We need someone we can rely on, knows how the team plays, knows our league and can play week on week. Now is not the time to lose him and then to have an experiment, bringing someone else in because we need to cement that we’re back and become the dominant force in Scottish Football again for 56.

I know it’s “only” pre-season friendlies, but in 180 mins of football, we’ve managed 1 goal. We just play differently without our target man upfront, terrorising defences and his link-up play had remarkably improved last season. When you see Kent, Hagi and Morelos on the team sheet you know there are goals coming.

Without him we struggle and this is not the season where we can afford an experiment and bring in someone new. We need 56 and have Champions League football on offer. Gerrard needs to have a sit down with Morelos and a conversation about his plans and discuss the pros and cons of one more season.

Remind him of the euphoria of winning last season and that we can do it again, in large part because of his contributions. Now, old Alfie was temperamental and the red cards and petulant behaviour cost us in previous seasons, but most of that had been stamped out last season. I mean, Gerrard received more red cards than Morelos did and we know what he is and need to accept the good, the bad and the ugly because what he gives in return is priceless.

More substantial offers will come and he is going to move on, at some point, but c’mon Alfie, give us one more season, do what you do and leave with another winners medal. Alfie come home and stay!

Sidenote: Who else is going to provide the top banter, with the salt sprinkling and crying face tears to Broony? No-one does it like “our Alfie”!

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  1. For me early friendlies are just a run out and nothing specific I take from them , apart from when we play Arsenal and Real !! However it’s becoming so clear we need to find/buy another striker pdq especially given the Morelos noise music …Over to you SG and Team .

  2. I would absolutely love Alfie to stay. If he remains 100% committed to the club..Reports coming out of Columbia says he is. And can’t wait for the new season with Rangers.
    But..there’s always a but.
    We have spent a lot of money getting back to where we belong…Do the books need to be balanced a bit.
    I don’t think we are under any illusions, that we have much better assets in the squad than we’ve had in years.
    Maybe one of them has to go.
    Borna, Kent, Tav, Aribo and Alfie are all worth big money. And it’s great to see the club not selling our best players for buttons just to bring in poultry sums. (Eg). Was it (£250,000) for Martin Waghorn.
    I have complete faith in the board and management team for the 1st time in a decade. And it’s a great feeling that our club will never end up as a Circus act again.
    We are the Famous Glasgow Rangers. Thee most successful club side on the planet.
    And because of Mr Dave King and the current board, we are beggining to be recognised as such again.
    If Alfie goes, he goes with my thanks, for his efforts, Goals and the huge part he played in bringing us back..
    Yes we will miss him and his goals..But maybe it is time for El Buffalo to shoot and score elsewhere.
    He’ll still forever be ‘Oor Alfie’ 🐃 🇨🇴

  3. Best, most truthful article I’ve honestly ever had the pleasure of reading! Hit the nail right in the head! This authors going places

  4. I’m not a great fan of Morelos but an Excellent article, we could do with more journalists of this calibre, with a lot of fore sight as to what’s the best route for Ibrox next season.

  5. Best article that’s been written about ‘Oor Alfie’ on here. His worth to this team, formation and its style of play are simply unmeasurable. No amount of money is worth selling in my opinion but if someone bids what the board are holding out for then the big man has a decision to make. Hopefully that decision is remaining as our leading man for the famous for another season at least.

  6. I’d happily keep the 2019 Morelos but the huffy, sometimes disinterested, and sometimes not very fit player we’ve had recently has to move on. He’s too much of a circus. I don’t buy the “different role” nonsense. That’s just trying to excuse his relatively poor goal return.

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