“Alfredo who?” – is new star born at Ibrox?

“Alfredo who?” – is new star born at Ibrox?
Sakala celebrating after his brilliant debut goal (Credit Rangers FC)

And as we alluded earlier, just when Cedric Itten finally looks ready and thinks he’s getting the start v Livi, Zambian firecracker Fashion Sakala shows up to rain on the Swiss parade.

We can rarely remember such a promising and lively debut in our colours from a player as alien to our culture as the African would be – but then going by his media interviews and attitude since being at Ibrox, it’s absolutely no surprise.

Sakala had about as good a debut as it’s possible to have – while manager Steven Gerrard was right to say there’s polishing to be done, and we always add the prefix of ‘it was only a friendly’, nevertheless the ex-Oostende striker really was everywhere.

We knew before we saw him that this is a player who can play anywhere along the front three, and he showed that versatility brilliantly yesterday with positional variety and interchanging with Kent and Wright.

But it was that movement off the ball and the ability to run at pace with the ball that stood out, even more so than his magical goal, something which dragged defenders out of place and gave space to the others around him. Sound familiar?

Indeed, some Real fans were so impressed they half-jokingly advocated signing the striker on that one showing.

And it was good.

Of course, let’s not jump to conclusions, it ‘was only a friendly’ but it’s better to play as well as that and look as good as that than not to, regardless of the match in question.

And Sakala has quickly ingratiated himself already as a fan favourite.

Poor Cedric!

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  1. It’s going to be interesting to see what Morelos will make of this development. Itten will bide his time. He fits for different teams I think . The more Sakala gets the gist of Scottish football he will get plenty of notice from lots of areas .. ..separate subject…bored shitless with the rotten mob trying to peddle Edward ….£20 mill really !!!

  2. Very auspicious start for new boy Sakala. We may have unearthed a little gem in the 24-year-old Sambian. Let’s all hope he can adapt to Scottish football quickly, keep it up and even better on yesterday’s performance.
    In my opinion, however, that does not necessarily mean bad news for Itten. They are different types of players with their individual strengths and weaknesses, and so they may well complement each other. Somehow reminds me of a prolific partnership we had in the 90s. Maybe that’s something Gerrard had in mind when he decided to bring in Sakala. Just wondering what Alfredo will be thinking of his new teammate.

  3. bernie…have to agree pal…maybe itten will start against livingstone to deal with the boot boys…it will give fashion a bit more time to beef up for the scottish game…sorry but ime not too bothered if the columbian stays or goes as long as the club gets a good tranfer fee

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