Youth farce as Rangers’ program comes under pressure

Youth farce as Rangers’ program comes under pressure
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 16: Dapo Mebude of Rangers is seen prior to the Ladbrookes Scottish Premiership match between Rangers and St Johnstone at Ibrox Stadium on February 16, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers this morning are under a spot of pressure over the much-maligned youth policy after two kids, released by the club only weeks ago, raised major questions over the point and future of Auchenhowie’s Academy.

Matthew Shiels switched to Hamilton, relegated now to the Championship, and confirmed by his own testimony that kids cannot get through to Rangers’ senior squad for love nor money. Indeed, most lads from the Academy agree with him, and it raises deep concern about why Rangers are putting money into developing these lads only to release them every time.

But of even deeper concern is the Dapo Mebude farce. Freed as not good enough, the striker got himself into the PL with the Watford team, and there’s no evidence it’s just for their Academy. The 19 year old is a great Bosman for the PL new boys and it raises questions again.

Remember, this isn’t the first time a player has been apparently rejected from Rangers and instead linked to the PL – Lewis Ferguson, whose chances of becoming a Rangers player seem remote now, instead was bid by Watford which was rejected. Not good enough for Rangers but good enough for the best league in the world.

We have really deep concerns about the direction of the youth academy – it seems like talent there is simply not being utilitised, and the whole program is nothing but lip service and a waste of money.

Is there actually, being serious, any real tangible point in having an Academy at all? One kid confirms he had no chance getting to the seniors, another signs for a much better league.

Many might argue about Nathan Patterson, but that was a fluke and he wouldn’t have stood a chance without James Tavernier’s injury.

It’s troubling, it’s concerning and crucially it’s a waste of money at this point.

It sheds even more light on why Billy Gilmour quit too.

What do Rangers have against youth? Your guess is as good as ours, folks.

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  1. 100% spot on, one rule for the Tartan Army and another for Rangers, media with wording such as thugs, disgrace and cowards yet Scotland fans act out of order and all Stugeon has to say is ‘Come on Scotland’ media doesn’t report damages and littering yet quick enough to jump on the backs of Rangers.
    Their argument will be that was a month ago and this is now, will they care to tell why yesterday seen the highest covod cases statistics since February? Anything to do with the 24,000 over 2 games at hampden, several thousands at fan zones?
    Now they come out and say we’re planning on opening up restrictions especially outdoors so as far as I’m concerned ibrox ought to have say 25000 fans considering that will be over a month after all of this.
    No consideration for the financial part of the fans the season tickets, the tartan army play a handful of games a year not even a scratch on Rangers fans, the constant full stadium, the money spent on travel, fast food etc.
    Someone at Rangers or within scottish football with a voice needs to challenge these hypocrits
    The icing on the cake is the hope they had to qualify, nothing more than the hope for independence, there’s my bitter part

  2. Last season was a pretty unique season in our history in that we just HAD to win the League. It wasn’t the time to start experimenting by throwing youngsters in. You saw what happened when we gave senior fringe players a game in the cup at St Mirren never mind wet behind the ears kids. I also believe that some of our better kids were just that wee bit too young. Maybe we can see a few push in this year. But as you say Patterson was the major success, not a fluke as you say because he was already in the first team squad. If we sold him for £25m in 2 or 3 years time you that change your mind about the merits of our Academy?

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