Yousaf under pressure over Rangers apology

Yousaf under pressure over Rangers apology
Will Rangers get a retraction from this man...?

Former Justice Secretary now Health Secretary Humza Yousaf has come under increasing pressure to apologise for his outburst earlier this year following a fake video the notorious Celtic fan backed.

The video, officially, and legally outed as a doctored fraud, prompted the ex-Justice chief to attack Rangers and demand action be taken over the ‘guilty’ players, with the Parkhead faithful not only releasing social media statements to the effect, but going on national TV and supporting BBC chief Rangers-hating hack Chris McLaughlin with live interviews to the same end.

The video, formally confirmed today to be a complete fabrication, prompted the justice secretary to peddle his anti-Rangers nonsense plus allege his receipt of ‘anti-Catholic racism’, before First Minister Nicole Sturgeon went into extreme damage control and shifted his position over to the Health Sector.

And today with Police Scotland confirming categorically the video is a doctored piece of libel, Yousaf is under pressure to acknowledge and apologise for the scurrilous accusations he made.

True, he added a ‘disclaimer’, but the fact a Celtic fan in power made any assertions one way or the other went outside of his professional jurisdiction and way into personal vendetta.

Don’t hold your breath for the retraction though…

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  1. no definently don’t hold your breath they would of all known when they where smearing us that the video was prob doctored but how could they pass up the chance to shout look at bad old rangers.. the FACT the video was faked won’t make the bbc news and no mp will make a video statement about it….. watp

  2. Wouldn’t hold my breath. It’s been evident by the silence of the MSM and Government over the congregation of non socially distanced Scotland fans singing anti English songs, that its one rule for us and another for everyone else.

  3. There is not much chance of this wretch owning up to anything . This SNP will never admit they did anything wrong specially when linked to Rangers , just look at the Sturgeon committee findings when she lied and cheated , but got away with it. Disgrace .

  4. There is more chance of Scotland winning a game at a major championship than this Rangers hating failed politician saying sorry. This guy has failed in transport, justice and will fail in his current role in health as he is a complete tosser and like all the SNP despises Rangers and what they represent . When transport secretary he was found to be driving without insurance but he is still in government for only one reason and you don’t have to be Einstein to work out why.
    Rangers should out this clown along with Dornan another SNP arsehole who has besmirched Rangers and refused to apologise
    These people are beyond contempt but as I have said before the tartan army are beyond reproach when they are Scotlands shame.

  5. Surely the doctored film clip is a Libellous, Sectarian attempt, to discredit RFC and their supporters.
    Are the originators going to be traced and prosecuted for this act deliberate Sectarian attempt to discredit RFC and the supporters?

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