“Wish I was there” – Rangers hero reveals Scotland regret

“Wish I was there” – Rangers hero reveals Scotland regret
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Former Rangers hero Alan Hutton can’t wait for today’s trip to Wembley, and speaking to Betway he admits he wishes he could have played in one of these tournaments.

The CL icon and destroyer of Stuttgart all those years ago couldn’t have been more clear:

“It’s amazing to see Scotland in a major tournament, but it’s difficult for me at the same time. When I look back at my career, I think I have done some decent things, but not being able to play for Scotland at a Euros or World Cup is a bit of a blow. It would have ranked very high in my career, but it’s the one big thing that I’ll never be able to experience. I’m just going to have to live it through the boys.”

Hutton’s words echo so many greats of the game – Best, Giggs and even till fairly recently Gareth Bale had never played in a major championships – Hutton’s in esteemed company.

But he did get to play big CL nights with Rangers and a friendly with England for the NT:

“Thinking back, that was probably one of the games that I did feel a little bit nervous about. When you play for Scotland, the fans are normally very forgiving. There wasn’t ever really any expectation other than giving your all for the shirt. But that changes against England, the mentality flips. This is a game they expect you to win. There’s always something there. No game is ever a friendly in my opinion, and I’d have run through brick walls to win that one. I wouldn’t say it was too different from playing in a semi-final or cup final. You’re playing against top quality opposition and you need to let them know that they’re in a game, you’re not happy until that happens. If there’s an opportunity to lay a marker down, that’s what you do.”

Hutton is a player it took Rangers a long time to replace, but James Tavernier and Nathan Patterson are pretty close to nailing that, if they haven’t already surpassed him.

But equally, Hutton himself was Rangers’ long-awaited replacement for Gary Stevens back in the day.

We’ll see what result Hutton’s former side can get.

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