Supporting Scotland as a Rangers fan

Supporting Scotland as a Rangers fan
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Some days ago Ibrox Noise issued a straw poll on our social media channels asking who the audience would be supporting at the Euros.

We completely underestimated the acrimony this question would cause and WWIII duly broke out among the England-supporting fans and the Scotland-supporting ones.

We’ll leave the morals to others, but maybe we should clear up our own stance.

We don’t have the love for Scotland we once did – the Rangers-hating NT regime since 2008 put paid to the affection we had for the national team.

The last time we were 100% into Scotland was 2007 and that amazing Walter Smith then Eck era.

But thereafter, following the exit of McLeish, it all changed as Burley took over and the climate became doggedly anti-Rangers – it became hard to like the NT given how much they crucified our club.

Then 2012 happened, the whole of Scottish football turned completely on us and then supporting Scotland was supporting a country that hated us. And that was hard to do.

However, time is a bit of a healer and now that the Euros are on us…

We don’t want Scotland to fail. This is the first major championship for a generation and we can’t help that we side with our primary nation.

While we’re not going to paint our faces blue and shove a kilt on, as Scotsmen (and women) we won’t be siding with England, Croatia or the Czechs when Clarke’s side faces them.

Let’s face it, Scotland could do with a bit of unity, and while old grudges die hard, it’s better to let it go and just enjoy the football rather than being bogged down in hate.

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  1. Na sorry guys this is political too the green leaning shower that unfortunately got back in control along with the green green shower too are going to ruin this country . The NT is completely riddled with these people . Come on the Queens Eleven .

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