Steve Clarke under major pressure over Rangers man

Steve Clarke under major pressure over Rangers man
He has to pick him, surely?

Earlier on we discussed how Steven Gerrard has a major ‘problem’ now with Nathan Patterson such was yet another stunning performance from the kid at senior level.

But of course, one thing it clearly demonstrated was that rather than a bystander or ‘make up the numbers’ job this summer at the Euros, Patterson will now clearly start the three guaranteed matches.

Or if not, Scotland manager Steve Clarke is a complete idiot.

Patterson’s debut for his country was his latest stellar performance at this kind of standing, and it’s not just looking surprising now, it’s downright expected.

Clarke has two choices for RB – Patterson, and Motherwell’s thoroughly mediocre Stephen O’Donnell.

It isn’t a choice, O’Donnell simply isn’t at the level of Patterson and should the NT boss pick the older player, he’s going with the ‘safe’ option and not the best one.

Patterson, for his Covid indiscretion and astonishing fortune at Tavernier’s injury, has proven beyond doubt he has what it takes to play at the highest levels.

He’s done it in the cup, the league, the UEL (including a ridiculous goal) and now for his country, and if Clarke sticks with the inferior model in Motherwell’s man, it’s utterly absurd management.

He already has a dilemma with the outstanding Billy Gilmour who is by spades Scotland’s best midfielder, now he’s got to think about RB too.

Surely it’s a given?

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