Rangers set to make Jack’s dream come true

Rangers set to make Jack’s dream come true
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Ryan Jack was absolutely heartbroken when he was told surgery on his knee/calf to finally solve his long-standing injury issues would curtail his Euro 2020 place.

The brilliant defensive midfielder, a massive reason Rangers won 55, is integral to his teams for his sheer graft, and that grit is definitely a bonus for Scotland, whose Euros have missed his defensive reading, especially against the Czechs, and checking a Paddy Power guide would have increased the odds with his being there.

But while one dream was shattered, another one remains alive.

Jack has never competed on the prize stage in club football, the Champions League, and it’s as big an incentive if not more than the Euros to be fit and available for.

His hopes are to be ready for the qualification stage, but manager Steven Gerrard has already confirmed that’s touch and go, so it’s really informed optimism that will have the man ready for the third round in July.

But if all is pure and holy he will be ready for the group stage, assuming Rangers make it, and while his dream was to play for Scotland this summer, as a Rangers man and boyhood fan through and through Jack would happily be consoled with representing the Famous in the Champions League instead.

On his Euros dream:

“In football you pick up injuries but it was just unfortunate the time this one came as it would have been the pinnacle of my career going to the Euros with your country. I went down to see the surgeon in London and I was just thinking hopefully I won’t need anything done. I walked into the room and he said, ‘Sorry, it’s an operation’. And I just thought, the Euros is on, it can’t be. That was the first thought I had. I never processed it or accepted it. And then I went home and never slept for a week to 10 days just thinking about everything. Eventually I had to phone Steve Clarke and say, ‘Boss, I’m out but I wish you all the best’. That was tough. Obviously I’d much rather be in the camp with the guys preparing for the Euros but I’m excited and am going to be watching as a fan.”

So if Rangers do get to the CL group stage, or if Jack is fit for the qualifiers, it will be as big a bucket list tick as the Euros for the Bluenose.

Hopefully he’s ready.

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