Rangers’ Kamara value soars as star shines

Rangers’ Kamara value soars as star shines
Glen Kamara, 6 FIN, Andreas Christensen, 6 DEN during the UEFA EURO, EM, Europameisterschaft,Fussball 2020 Championship Group B match between Denmark and Finland on June 12, 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Tomi Hänninen/Newspix24 PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxFINxSWExNORxAUT Copyright: xTomixHänninenx np24thth1213138122

Before we begin this piece, naturally we forward our best wishes to the lucky to be alive Christian Eriksen who scared the hell out of everyone when he suffered a horrific cardiac arrest on the pitch – he is now in hospital recovering and we are extremely grateful to the brilliant medical staff who saved his life. Lessons were clearly learned from Marc Vivian-Foe’s tragic passing and now the equipment to deal with these hyper-rare but very real nightmares on the pitch is available.

Now, onto the football side, and our very own Glen Kamara experienced (‘enjoyed’ definitely isn’t the right word on such an emotionally draining night) his maiden bow on such a stage and we wanted to explore how he did.

Well coolness personified was how our Finnish star did – he didn’t touch the ball too much in that fateful first half, but once the second half got going, he was the best player in a white shirt.

He had more of the ball than any other non-defensive Finn, and completed more passes than anyone who wasn’t a defender. His defensive side was excellent – with 5 major contributions, he defended better than… yes anyone who wasn’t a defender, and he even won a foul going forward.

This wasn’t his all-time best performance, but it was very very good, and there’s no denying he’s upped his game since the SPL season finished.

We suggested most of the campaign he was playing within himself a little, and he would really shine at the Euros, and he’s starting to do that.

If he does want a move away, he will have plenty of interest down south on that level of showing, and Rangers will need to be ready for bids.

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  1. He was fantastic and with that win has almost guaranteed a spot in the next round. His value will continue to hike as he will prove that he is different gravy! Hopefully the lack of a new contract doesn’t mean we’ll accept a derogatory offer for him though and hold out for true market value. I’d rather hold onto him for another season but if he has a stellar Euros unfortunately, despite his lip service, I can see him leaving for a top six side in the EPL.

  2. I’m a Kamara fan but I thought he had a fairly modest performance despite what the stats say. Certainly not one that will have clubs beating down the Ibrox door.

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