Rangers fans subjected to second Morelos summer mayhem

Rangers fans subjected to second Morelos summer mayhem
£800K for these two... (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The Alfredo Morelos transfer saga hit new heights of nonsense following yet more contradictory piffle from Portuguese, Colombian and Scottish sources which frankly don’t have a clue what’s really going on with the Rangers star.

If it wasn’t bad enough that Portuguese press are literally contradicting themselves over whether or not Morelos wants the move (one claims he wants to stay at Ibrox for CL, the other says he’s accepted terms with Porto) they’re also contradicting themselves over the price.

One minute Rangers are accepting £11M, the next we’re playing hardball over a £20M fee.

In short, we now don’t truly know if Michael Gorman, Morelos’ agent, was actually in Portugal recently, and if he was, whether or not he was there on Morelos business or another client’s.

We at Ibrox Noise absolutely will not fill your head with nonsense – we are NOT ITK on this one, and none of the press you’re seeing is either.

It’s one great big hodgepotch mess of contradictions, lies, piffle and counter-claim, but the one absolute fact we do have is Morelos has not spoken to either confirm the interest or deny it.

The last time this happened, Lille, the Colombian also kept quiet and it was confirmed by plenty of respected journos that terms had been agreed but Rangers had rejected the final £16.5M offer.

So, we veer towards this story having wings for sure.

Morelos, for his own part, is more concentrated on trying to get a game for his country, after multiple axings from the Colombia squad in South America.

We’re not even going to entertain the Borre story…

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