Rangers called ‘powerhouse’ amidst deal for 16-year old prodigy

Rangers called ‘powerhouse’ amidst deal for 16-year old prodigy
Is he coming to Ibrox? (Orange County SC)

Rangers have been described as a ‘Powerhouse club in Scotland’ by American media who don’t seem to be quite sure if Francis Jacobs, who made colossal headlines earlier this year by reportedly joining Rangers, is actually hooking up with Steven Gerrard’s men or not.

The-now 16 year old made history by being the youngest pro in MLS history at just 14, but the stories from January claiming Rangers had signed him were never made official and for now, at least, Jacobs remains an Orange County SC player.

The two clubs, of course, have a long-term partnership now, with Rangers having the foresight to forge a deal with the Californians to help promote them in the Promised Land of Europe and get some of their best young talent in return.

We’ll talk about the Aaron Cervantes deal later, which has been confirmed, but the Francis Jacobs one is less clear.

If Jacobs was to switch the USA for Scotland he’d be in the Academy, because despite the midfielder’s evident talent, 16 is just a bit too young for a lad to be tried in the senior squad, even if he’s Billy Gilmour or Lionel Messi.

He has trialled for the Academy, and impressed enough to lead to serious interest in him, but it’s not been finalised as yet.

It is nice, though, to once again see American sites, media and groups referring to Rangers with such respect and professionalism, which is a pleasant antidote to the Finland manager’s comments which were a touch derogatory recently.

But either way, the deal isn’t confirmed yet – it was all tabloid talk, and conjecture, and only the Cervantes deal was officially announced.

For Jacobs’ part, his quality is undeniable – already has 3 caps for his country and one goal, which for a CM is pretty good.

He has his whole career ahead of him, and time will tell if that is spent in the MLS or at Ibrox.

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