“One to watch” – grudge match ready as Scotland face Czechs

“One to watch” – grudge match ready as Scotland face Czechs
This is how much we didn't like the 'incident'...

In the second part of our Group D analysis, it’s got to be Scotland’s explosive clash with Czech Republic.

Following the global scandal between Rangers and Praha, Kamara and Kudela, the intrigue on the coming together of both nations is fever pitch.

Of course, Kudela isn’t there, but Scottish football, in fairness, did back Rangers up over this, and what a grudge there’s been between our clubs and our nations ever since.

Scotland might have had an axe to grind with Rangers the past decade, but when even Scott Brown supported the club and Kamara, it showed racism united everyone against it.

All the Czechs have done is lit the touchpaper even more ever since, and with Rangers players in the squad, not to mention Praha stars, it’s definitely a spicy one.

We doubt there’s been a bigger incident between clubs/nations in years in the football world, and this one could be tasty with a meaty tackle or two.

One to watch for sure.

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