One PL side ‘discussing’ big bid for Rangers’ Kamara, others ‘monitoring’…

One PL side ‘discussing’ big bid for Rangers’ Kamara, others ‘monitoring’…
Glen Kamara 6, FIN during their tInternational Friendly match between Finland and Estonia at the Olympic Stadium on 04 June 2021 in Helsinki, Finland. Kalle Parkkinen/Newspix24 PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxFINxSWExNORxAUT Copyright: xKallexParkkinenx NP2401432493

On a busy day of transfer news, the links between Glen Kamara and Watford have heated up following the story’s persistence.

This one isn’t going away, and claims from English press tell us the Vicarage Road PL new boys have reached out to Rangers to open discussions, and the player has been internally debated by the board following his stand out performances at the Euros.

Watford aren’t the only PL side looking at Kamara – Leeds and Arsenal to name only two are also monitoring him. A Kante-style player hitting the peak of his career over the next two or three years is a very lucrative commodity and as we’ve repeated ad-nauseum, the Finn would be deciding between PL and CL.

One is guaranteed 38 high-calibre matches, the other is no guarantee of 6 of them.

For now Kamara’s focus is on his country and the very real chance of getting to the KO stage, which would only hike his value further, given his stellar showings.

Rangers would look for a colossal return on the player if Watford or anyone else does bid, and Ibrox Noise sources tell us Rangers rejected a sub-£10M bid from down south at Christmas, believed to be for Kamara.

If any PL side wants this midfielder, they’ll have to dig deep well into the £15M and potentially £20M+ range.

His sale does look very possible.

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  1. Don’t think we should entertain anything below £20million for him. He’s proving at this Euros how good a player he is despite only having a year left on his contract. Bring on the bidding war or keep him for 56.

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