Midfielder admission could save Stevie ANY summer sales

Midfielder admission could save Stevie ANY summer sales
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Glen Kamara’s admission yesterday that the CL is a huge carrot for him to remain at Ibrox is yet another example of how Rangers’ incredible season last campaign and its earning of Europe’s premier competition is a colossal draw for both existing players and potential new signings.

Rangers’ superb runs in the UEL have not gone unnoticed, but the CL is where the true currency is at – UEFA’s premier tournament is literally worth 10 times the value to clubs that the UEL is, with group participation earning possibly £50M, while UEL equivalent will only secure 10%-20% of that.

As such, that coveted participation, while as yet unguaranteed through qualifiers of course, is still such a major temptation for players.

It means Rangers might just able to hold onto more players this summer than feared – and we can thank CL for that.

There’s also another reason Rangers could hold onto not only the majority of valuable players, but potentially all of them – balancing the books.

Previously, selling players was about ensuring the club remains within its means, within the black – it was viewed as necessary to keep the accounts ticking nicely.

But if Rangers do secure group stage, that’s a whopping £30M pretty much guaranteed, money which is life-changing for our club. That means selling a few players to get that level of cash becomes a lot less necessary.

Then it is left to players themselves to decide if they want the Promised Land of the PL, or if the temptation for what could be a once in a lifetime crack at the CL (should they leave next summer instead) is too much to resist.

Either way, Rangers are really in a strong strong place right now, and even securing just CL qualifers makes it even stronger.

But getting to the group stage is truly life-changing. And our big players know it…

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