Judgement Day as Clarke makes call over Rangers’ Patterson

Judgement Day as Clarke makes call over Rangers’ Patterson
Scotland v Czech Republic U21, U 21 UEFA EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 09/10/2020. Qualifying Round Nathan Patterson 7 of Scotland U21s Rangers during the U21 UEFA EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS match between Scotland and Czech Republic at Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh, Scotland on 9 October 2020. Editorial use only PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK , Copyright: xMalcolmxMackenziex PSI-10785-0052

Scotland finally get their first major championships for a decade underway today when they face the Czechs in a grudge match following Rangers’ controversial clash v Praha.

However, getting away from that stuff, the most important question to us Rangers fans really is the issue of Nathan Patterson.

Patterson, without it even being a contest, is Scotland’s best RB. By a distance. Motherwell’s Stephen O’Donnell is a journeyman punter, an ok player for the lower reaches of the SPL but Patterson is the Rolls Royce by a mile.

So will manager Steve Clarke bow to common sense, ignoring the silly question of age, and pick the best man for the job in Rangers’ rising star?

This is a player who can be as good for Rangers as Alan Hutton was, if not better, and he deserves the chance to shine on this stage because he’s clearly up to it.

O’Donnell clearly isn’t.

Of course, there’s the Scotland-haters among our fans, but we’ve made our position on Scotland support clear so this piece is from our point of view, and not theirs – Patterson has to start otherwise Clarke is making a dim-witted choice which will not help his team.

If you want runs on the right, good defending, and experience of top European competition like Patterson has, go with the young lad. If you want stale old mediocrity, O’Donnell’s your boy.

Up to you Steve….

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  1. Still get the feeling that both Patterson and Gilmore will miss out which is criminal. I hope to god I’m wrong as we have a much better chance at getting results playing our best players rather than names that have held the shirt previously. Major tournaments can be the making of major players, let’s the boys have a chance!

    • You weren’t wrong. It’s decisions like this and managers like Clarke who have resided over the deterioration of Scottish football.
      O’Donnell had a nightmare so what will Clarke do now?

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