Is Steven Gerrard ready to sign a ‘big name’ player for Rangers?

Is Steven Gerrard ready to sign a ‘big name’ player for Rangers?
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If one thing stood out among chat with Rangers fans when Steven Gerrard was appointed, it was the notion of a ‘big name’ signing to accompany him.

Indeed, fans were excited about the Harry Wilsons, Martin Skrtels, the Dominic Solankes, Daniel Sturridges and Danny Ings making their way north.

In reality, none of these actually happened and the biggest name Stevie secured was Jermain Defoe, which was still a pretty major capture.

But the one thing lacking from his tenure is a ‘Hollywood’ name signing, a really big ‘holy hell’ addition.

This is not to say we’ve signed badly, far from it – Rangers have rebuilt their squad and this past season was simply wonderful, regardless of what players wore the Light Blue.

But that big name player, that big signing Rangers fans discussed early on during Stevie’s arrival never really happened.

And we wonder, is this the summer, having built a successful squad which stormed the league and UEL, that Rangers go all out to step up a level and use the Steven Gerrard name to snap up a really major signature?

Money isn’t really an issue – while the base funding will be the usual circa £11M, securing group stage CL adds around £30M to that, with over a month still to go till the window ends, and if the right opportunity arises, Rangers will surely go for a big name.

Not for the sake of a big name, but for the fact that we’re going into the CL and we’re going to want to boost this squad with some serious additions in readiness for the hike of that.

But still, the name Steven Gerrard can attract big names – if the funds can back that up.

And we do think it’s time Rangers got a big signing given we’ve been kind of anticipating one for a while. As long, of course, as it fits with the wage structure and financial means of the club.

Maybe it’s time to see that big shiny signing at last?

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  1. I think you’ll find we’ll probably top out around Ryan Kent fee range for anyone, at least this season. I don’t imagine the board we have, although staunch in their backing of the management team, would like to be reckless with cash even if it was a superstar, unless one of our players were to leave for top dollar on top of CL qualification. The bigger deals probably won’t happen until after qualification is secured.

  2. I agree with Broxi I think we’ll keep our powder dry till we get the right opportunity . Depends who leaves too and when. VIm sure Ross Wilson and SG and Coaches will have an adequate dossier around our business model . Let’s not forget that whilst CL/Euro football is financially great, it also attracts those top players too.

  3. Rather than targeting “big name” players we should concentrate of signing good players. If they are free Bosman’s then all the better. Most of our big players last season arrived at Ibrox for next to nothing.

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